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Posted on: May 8, 2010 10:08 pm
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UFC 113 live results: Belcher vs. Cote

It's the long-awaited return of Patrick "The Predator" Cote to the Octagon, as he faces the very formidable test of Alan "The Talent" Belcher at middleweight.

If nothing else, Cote wins the nickname contest.

Belcher vs. Cote (Getty Images) Round 1: The crowd is chanting for hometown fighter Cote right off the bat. Belcher with a low kick. More kicks to the ribs by Belcher. He throws an inside leg kick and nails Cote right in the cup. Cote shakes it off and we continue. Cote moving in with jabs as Belcher throws more kicks to the body. Belcher misses a boxing combo. Cote clinches and takes Belcher down.

Belcher is on the bottom working butterfly guard, trying to sweep. Cote advances to half guard and begins cranking on an armbar. The crowd is going nuts. Belcher escapes and sweeps, ending up in Cote's half guard. Belcher sinks in an arm triangle and advances to side control, but he can't hold onto the choke. Belcher moves to north-south position and Cote gets to his knees. The round ends with another Belcher arm triangle attempt. 10-9 Belcher.

Round 2: Belcher goes right back to the body kicks. Cote with a nice left hook, then an uppercut-hook combo. Cote opens up and lands a series of very solid punches. Belcher clinches Cote against the fence. Cote throws short elbows to break the clinch and they exchange strikes at point-blank range before Cote catches Belcher's leg on a knee to the body, trying to take him down.

Cote holds on to the double leg, so Belcher gut-wrenches him into the air and slams him face-down on the mat. (For you WWE fans, if Belcher had underhooks instead of a gutwrench, that move would have been called a pedigree.) Belcher uses the impact to take Cote's back and tap him out with a rear naked choke.

Winner: Alan Belcher defeats Patrick Cote via submission to a rear naked choke at 3:25 of Round 2.

Belcher calls out Anderson Silva after the win, saying he can stand with him. He'll have to catch him first.

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UFC 93 live results: Belcher vs. Kang

Next up is the UFC debut of PRIDE and K-1 Hero's vet Denis Kang, taking on Alan Belcher in a middleweight bout.

Round 1: Belcher is dropping his hands. Kang throws some punches and Belcher defends them well. Kang with a takedown. Belcher looks for a sweep and Kang escapes. Belcher gets back to guard and then pushes Kang off as they stand again. Kang counters a swing with four good punches that connect squarely. Kang with a takedown as Belcher closes his guard. Kang looks for ground and pound and Belcher tries pushing him off again with his legs. Kang tries to strike from the top. Belcher sits up and tries to take Kang's leg. They wind up in Belcher's half guard as Kang tries for a kimura. Belcher pulls his arm out. Kang passes to side control and starts throwing knees to the body. I score it 10-9 Kang, although Belcher is doing a decent job defending thus far.

Round 2:
Kang throws some fists and Belcher clinches him back against the cage. Kang reverses position, and Belcher escapes. Belcher with a body kick. Belcher with a stiff right cross. Kang shoots and takes Belcher down again. Kang stands out of Belcher's closed guard and throws a couple punches to the head. Belcher takes half guard and ties up Kang's right leg. Kang has trouble passing to side control so he stands up and resumes his striking attack from the top. He's back in Belcher's full guard and the referee stands them up. Belcher throws a pair of kicks but doesn't do any damage. Kang sticks and moves with a series of left jabs. Kang shoots in for a takedown and Belcher takes an arm guillotine, pulls guard, and it's so tight that Kang taps immediately.

Winner: Alan Belcher
defeats Denis Kang via submission to a guillotine choke at 4:36 of Round 2.

Big win here for Belcher.
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UFC 81 live results: Almeida vs. Yundt

The return of "Big Dog" Ricardo Almeida is up next. His opponent, Rob Yundt, fills in for Alan Belcher tonight on about three days notice.

Round 1: Well, that was quick. Almeida trapped Yundt in a guillotine after  takedown and Yundt tried to slam him. Almeida flipped during the slam and held onto the guillotine and Yundt had no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Ricardo Almeida defeats Rob Yundt via submission to a guillotine choke at 1:08 of Round 1.

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