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Posted on: March 27, 2010 10:35 pm
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UFC 111 live results: Fitch vs. Saunders

Jon Fitch fights Ben Saunders in a welterweight bout thrown together with about two day's notice.

Fitch's original opponent was supposed to be Thiago Alves, but Alves wasn't cleared to fight due to some concern over his pre-fight CAT scan. At first, it was thought that Fitch was off the show due to the UFC having no time to find a suitable replacement, until Saunders -- scheduled to fight Jake Ellenberger on the undercard -- contacted Dana White and asked for Fitch.

Round 1: Saunders with a leg kick. Saunders with a counterpunch as Fitch lunges forward. Saunders takes a clinch but his first knee attempt is blocked, as Fitch takes double underhooks. Fitch with a takedown, and now he's hammering at the body with ground and pound. Saunders trying to push off and escape from the bottom, but Fitch is staying active with strikes. Saunders takes half guard.

Fitch elevates his hips and throws more strikes, then settles into Saunders' full guard. Saunders walks the cage wall and tries to take a limb, but no dice. Fitch still peppering Saunders with elbows and fists from within his guard. The round ends, and it's a no brainer for Fitch, 10-9.

Round 2: Inside leg kick by Fitch. Head kick by Fitch, but it's blocked. Saunders with a lunging left hand into a Muay Thai clinch attempt, but Fitch sees it coming and bodylocks him against the fence. Saunders is known for those Muay Thai knees from the clinch, but he's totally telegraphing that game plan tonight.

Takedown by Fitch, and he goes right back to ground and pound. Fitch spends the next several minutes tenderizing Saunders' head with elbows and fists, bloodying his face and controlling the action entirely. The crowd boos the groundfighting, so referee Dan Miragliotta stands them up, even though Fitch is staying active. That was a bad call. The end the round with some standup, and it's 10-9 Fitch again.

Round 3: Fitch tags Saunders with a straight right, then bodylocks him against the fence again. They separate after a brief struggle. Leg kick by Fitch. Fitch with a boxing combo, then a Muay Thai clinch of his own. A knee doesn't land, so Fitch moves back to the body lock. Miragliotta separates them. Fitch with a nice combo of fists and knees. Saunders applies a clinch briefly before going for a standing kimura. They break, and Fitch lands a nice uppercut on the separation.

Fitch with a takedown. Fitch working his ground and pound. Saunders throws a fist here and there from the bottom, but otherwise, he's just being worked over. Fitch throws elbows and fists until the final buzzer. The audience boos, but hey, this is MMA. You want all-standup fights, try K-1. That's gotta be a 30-27 win for Fitch.

Winner: Jon Fitch defeats Ben Saunders via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after three rounds.

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UFC 106 live results: Saunders vs. Davis

Ben Saunders fights "The Irish Hand Grenade" Marcus Davis at welterweight.

Saunders is trying to rebound from his first UFC loss, which came at the hands of Mike Swick at UFC 99 in June. Davis is also on the rebound, having lost to Dan Hardy at UFC 99. Both guys like to stand and trade. There could be fireworks here.

Round 1: Davis comes in swinging and Saunders takes a Muay Thai clinch and starts crushing him with knees to the ribs. He destroyed Brandon Wolff that way a couple fights ago. Davis forces Saunders' back to the cage. Dirty boxing by Davis but Saunders is relentless with those knees from clinch. Davis is already bloody, but he's a bleeder anyway. Saunders with more knees from the clinch. Davis pushes off and they separate. Leg kick by Davis, followed by some fists. Saunders with another Muay Thai clinch. Saunders throws four more knees from the clinch, and the fourth one knocks Davis out.

A very big win for Saunders, and that is the first time in his 22 career fights that any opponent has knocked out Marcus Davis.

Winner: Ben Saunders defeats Marcus Davis via knockout due to a knee from the clinch at 3:24 of Round 1.

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UFC 99 live results: Swick vs. Saunders

Up next is Saunders vs. Swick at welterweight.

Round 1: Swick with a takedown. Swick presses him against the cage but Saunders is keeping him from posturing up to land strikes. Swick sneaks in a few left hands. Saunders is still holding Swick to keep him from striking. The microphones catch Swick asking Saunders if he's going to hold him all night, and Saunders says "stand back up, bitch." Nice. Swick still working to strike on the ground. Saunders with butterfly guard. The referee finally separates them. Saunders with a left kick to the ribs. They exchange combinations of punches. Saunders with a body lock against the fence. Saunders lands a nice standing knee to Swick's head from the clinch. Saunders working knees to the body as Swick reverses him against the fence. Close first round, but I'd probably give it to Saunders 10-9.

Round 2: Saunders throws a knee, Swick takes him down and moves to mount. Saunders takes guard and we're right back where we were in Round 1. Swick's getting some strikes in from the top. Saunders with a body triangle. Swick with a few rights to the head. Referee stands them up again. Saunders with a leg kick and Swick answers with a combo. Swick with knees to the body. Saunders misses a front kick. Saunders with a leg kick and Swick counters with an overhand right. Saunders throws another leg kick and Swick counters with fists. Saunders is hurt, and Swick attacks with a flurry of hands until Saunders falls to his knees, and the referee stops it. It was a trio of rights to the jaw that appear to have done Saunders in.

Winner: Mike Swick defeats Ben Saunders via TKO due to strikes at 3:47 of Round 2.
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