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UFC 111 live results: St-Pierre vs. Hardy

UFC welterweight champion Georges "Rush" St-Pierre defends his title vs. Dan "Outlaw" Hardy in GSP's first fight since UFC 100 last summer.

If Hardy manages to win this fight, it will rank among the biggest upsets in MMA history. And if Hardy wins, it almost has to be via TKO or KO, since Hardy's fists are about the only way he gets out of this with a W.

The more likely scenario is that overwhelming favorite GSP takes this kid to school and leaves the cage with the gold. Place your bets.

Round 1: They each land a right jab. St-Pierre takes Hardy down with a double leg. Hardy pulls his leg up into triangle position but can't keep it there because St-Pierre is passing to side control too quickly. Hardy scrambles to his knees and St-Pierre takes his back. St-Pierre starts with a rear naked choke attempt and tries to transition to an armbar, but Hardy escapes to top position. Hardy stands up and is instantly taken back down by St-Pierre.

Hardy with a very tight closed guard. It doesn't matter. St-Pierre breaks free and passes to full mount. Hardy gives up his back and St-Pierre takes it. Hardy stands up and tries to shake free, but ends up back on the mat. St-Pierre slaps on an armbar and cranks on it, to the point where it looks about to snap. Hardy spins out of it and breaks free, surviving the round. 10-9 St-Pierre, maybe 10-8.

Round 2: Hardy is all smiles at the start of Round 2. He is loving this entire experience. Hardy lands a left jab. Inside leg kick by St-Pierre. Right hook by Hardy is dodged by GSP. St-Pierre with a very fast single leg takedown into half guard, then side control. He makes it look so easy. St-Pierre buries a few knees in Hardy's ribs.

St-Pierre tries to pass to full mount and Hardy scrambles, giving up his back again. Hardy shakes loose and ends up on top in GSP's guard. St-Pierre escapes and they're squaring off again. Hardy needs to let his hands go. Left head kick by Hardy is blocked.

Hardy lands a left hook and St-Pierre answers with a big right. Hardy smiles at him. Superman punch by St-Pierre connects, and he follows up with a double leg takedown. 10-9 St-Pierre.

Round 3: Between rounds, Greg Jackson told St-Pierre to stop trying to pass when he takes Hardy down. St-Pierre takes Hardy down again and starts throwing fists from above. Hardy pushes off with his feet and actually connects with some short punches from the bottom. St-Pierre elevates his stance and tries to throw some bombs down at Hardy, but aborts that idea when Hardy tries to take an armbar.

St-Pierre tries to work an armbar from the top, but Hardy pulls free. Hardy escapes to his feet briefly, but St-Pierre keeps a leg on the way up, and throws him back down. St-Pierre is in side control now. He takes Hardy's back but Hardy's hips are high, so he shakes him off. 10-9 St-Pierre heading into the championship rounds.

Round 4: Another takedown by St-Pierre. Hardy scrambles and gives up his back again, but he's able to re-establish full guard. St-Pierre tries to get some striking going, stacking Hardy near the cage. St-Pierre has side control. St-Pierre establishes a kimura and yanks on it, with more than a minute left. Hardy looks ready to tap, but he doesn't. Eventually, he breaks free.

St-Pierre is back in side control. Hardy is unable to do anything but survive and escape on the ground, but he's doing those things pretty well. Still, St-Pierre is just dominating him. 10-9 St-Pierre. Fifth and final round coming up.

Round 5: Hardy's corner says "You've got to hit him now." You don't say. St-Pierre with a straight left into a right leg kick, and a takedown. The crowd is booing. Hardy scrambles to his knees. St-Pierre throws some knees to the ribs. Hardy goes to his back again, holding St-Pierre in half guard. St-Pierre takes another armbar, but aborts it.

Hardy is exhausted. St-Pierre throwing short fists and elbows on the ground. St-Pierre again tries for a kimura and can't hold it. Hardy gets to his feet long enough to be slammed back to the canvas. St-Pierre tries a kneebar at the buzzer. 10-9 St-Pierre, so I score the fight 50-45 for the champ.

Winner: Georges St-Pierre defeats Dan Hardy via unanimous decision (50-43, 50-44, 50-45) after five rounds to retain the UFC welterweight title.

St-Pierre apologizes to the fans for not being able to finish the fight. Hardy says it was an honor to fight GSP, and he now understands why he's the champ.

When asked why he didn't give up to either of the ugly armbars he was caught in, Hardy tells Joe Rogan "I don't know the meaning of 'tap.'"

GSP has reached the point where virtually everyone is expected to lose to him, so it's no surprise that a relatively one-dimensional fighter like Hardy was expected to get obliterated. For Hardy, lasting five rounds against St-Pierre is a pretty big victory in itself. He probably should have let his hands go a bit more in the early rounds. He was clearly in all-defensive mode on the ground, but with a beast like GSP tossing you around, there's not much shame in that.

I'm not sure St-Pierre has anything to apologize for, either. Hardy simply wasn't going to tap out. Other fighters would have. When you look at it that way, the only thing GSP did "wrong" was that he couldn't break the arm and force a stoppage.

Now comes the hard part: Who does GSP fight next?

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UFC 111: St-Pierre vs. Hardy live coverage

One of the most dominant fighters in MMA -- and perhaps the single best pound-for-pound fighter in the world -- Georges St. Pierre returns to the Octagon on Saturday, defending his title against Dan "Outlaw" Hardy at UFC 111 in Newark, N.J.

CBSSports.com will have live round-by-round coverage and analysis of the fights, as they happen, on Saturday. Check back at this link for frequent updates on fight night.

Weigh-ins took place Friday afternoon in Jersey. Full UFC 111 card -- and official fighter weights -- below.

  • Georges St-Pierre (170) vs. Dan Hardy (170)
  • Frank Mir (265) vs. Shane Carwin (265)
  • Kurt Pellegrino (155) vs. Fabricio Camoes (155)
  • Jon Fitch (171) vs. Ben Saunders (169)
  • Jim Miller (155) vs. Mark Bocek (154)
  • Nate Diaz (171) vs. Rory Markham (177)*
  • Ricardo Almeida (170) vs. Matt Brown (170)
  • Rousimar Palhares (186) vs. Tomasz Drwal (185)
  • Jared Hamman (205) vs. Rodney Wallace (206)
  • Matt Riddle (170) vs. Greg Soto (170)

Markham missed weight by a significant margin, but Diaz agreed to the fight anyway. It's now a catchweight bout.

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UFC 99 live results: Davis vs. Hardy

Up first is "The Irish Hand Grenade" Marcus Davis vs. "The Outlaw" Dan Hardy at welterweight. These guys aren't best buds. Hardy calls Davis a fake Irishman working a gimmick, and Davis says it's hypocritical for a dude with a multi-colored mohawk to criticize someone for gimmickry.

Let the fireworks begin.

Round 1: Davis with a body punch and a takedown attempt. He's got him bodylocked against the cage and is working left hands to the body and face, finally getting Hardy to the mat. Davis passes from half guard to full mount almost immediately and gets some ground and pound. Hardy struggles back into half guard. Davis passes guard and Hardy gives up his back. Davis controlling the arms, but doesn't have hooks in. Davis with a few right hands to the head and then he goes for a rear naked choke. Hardy finally gets back to his feet and now he's got Davis against the cage. Hardy mounts some offense, rocking Davis with an elbow and opening a cut. Round ends, and I'd give it to Davis 10-9.

Round 2: Both fighters looking for kicks. Davis throws a knee that misses. Davis with a left hand, Hardy blocks. They're trading fists now. Nice exchange with both guys landing some. Hardy catches Davis with a big knee and Davis is down. Hardy rushes in to finish with strikes, but Davis recovers enough to take full guard. Davis working for wrist control, and then he attempts an armbar. Hardy escapes the hold. Hardy lands some ground and pound but is having trouble posturing up since Davis is still threatening from his back. Davis with an elbow from the bottom. The referee stands them up. Davis with double underhooks, but can't get a takedown. Davis with a kick, then a left hand. Davis with a takedown. Davis passes to side control and does ground and pound to end the round. 10-9 Hardy based on the big knee that rocked Davis, although Davis certainly did well the rest of the round.

Round 3: Davis takes Hardy down immediately and works body punches from full guard. Davis is winning this fight every time it hits the canvas, so if he can stay busy there for a full round he could earn a decision. Davis working ground and pound, then he takes a foot lock. Hardy fights to escape it, and Davis switches to a heel hook. Hardy escapes to his feet and Davis clinches him against the fence. Hardy reverses Davis on the fence and gets a takedown of his own. Hardy with an elbow from the top. A series of right hands to Davis' face, and the ref separates them to check a cut on Davis' face. He's cut badly on the bridge of his nose. He's OK to fight, so the resume the battle. Hardy working hammerfists from the top. Referee stands them up again, and Davis's face is wrecked. Hardy with an inside leg kick. Hardy with a body kick and left hook. Davis tries for a takedown but the buzzer goes off. Great fight, but I give the last round to Hardy 10-9, and the decision to Hardy, 29-28. We'll see if the judges agree.

Winner: Dan Hardy
defeats Marcus Davis via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) after three rounds.
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