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Strikeforce live results: Shields vs. Henderson

The third title bout of the night closes the show, as Dan Henderson (25-7-0) challenges Jake Shields (24-4-1) for the Strikeforce middleweight title.

Henderson is a former PRIDE double weight class champion and recent UFC star. This is his first fight for Strikeforce since he made the jump over. Shields is not only defending his belt, but his 13-fight win streak as well.

Round 1: Head kick by Shields is blocked. Henderson with a left hand that connects and a right that misses. Henderson throws another right hand that cracks Shields right on the temple, and Shields is down. Shields takes Henderson's leg before Henderson can follow up and Henderson is forced to defend a leglock rather than try to finish Shields on the ground. Henderson breaks free and they're standing again.

Leg kick by Shields. Henderson connects on another big right hand that makes Shields backpedal a few steps. Shields with some light boxing combos that aren't doing much. Shields fails to bait Henderson to the ground. Henderson hammers away with a series of big shots, and Shields is in big trouble. Shields tries for Henderson's leg and Henderson defends it, then lets Shields up.

Shields with a weak right jab. They tie up against the fence. Big John McCarthy breaks them up for inactivity. Shields with a leg kick and a jab. He's waking up a bit. Henderson misses a left hand and Shields shoots for a takedown. Henderson defends it well, reversing Shields' back to the fence and throwing knees to the body. They separate at the buzzer, exchanging fists. 10-9 Henderson.

Round 2: Shields with a jab. Shields shoots for a single leg and Henderson rolls through and tries for a crucifix. Henderson ends up taking Shields' back and nearly gets a rear naked choke before Shields scrambles free and ends up on top. Shields passes to side control and then full mount.

Shields throws a pair of fists into Henderson's face from the mount. Henderson tries to turn away without giving up his back. Shields hammers away at Henderson's face. Henderson's OK for the moment, but having trouble escaping. Henderson has never been knocked out in his long career. Henderson turns away and Shields keeps throwing punches. Henderson is wisely unwilling to give Shields his back, but without doing so, he's eating these punches. Hammer fists by Shields. End of the round, and that's an easy 10-9 for Shields.

Round 3: Shields with a series of jabs. Head kick by Shields is blocked. Shields with a takedown attempt. Henderson gutwreches him and rolls through it, so they're back on their feet. Outside leg kick by Shields. Henderson with a nice uppercut. Another takedown attempt by Shields. They scramble and Shields ends up in Henderson's guard. He passes to side control.

Shields trying for full mount again. Henderson defending the pass while Shields works short strikes to the body. Henderson takes half guard. Shields with a chin hook and tries for a guillotine choke, but Henderson slips out. Shields back to full mount. Henderson walks up the cage wall hoping to escape out the back door. Shields ends the round with a failed armbar attempt. 10-9 Shields.

Round 4: Henderson throws a kick. Shields with a takedown and Henderson scrambles out of it, landing a knee to the ribs on the break. Shields shoots again. They scramble on the mat. Henderson ends up on the bottom with Shields in a variation of a crucifix. Shields scrambles back to top position and side control.

Shields tries for full mount and Henderson avoids it, but Shields is working for an armbar from side control. Henderson gets half guard. Shields hammers at his face for a few seconds, then uses an armbar attempt to pass to full mount again. Shields with more ground and pound. Henderson turns and almost gives up his back, but Henderson goes to his back again. Shields smashes away with fists, but Henderson is just so hard to knock out. 10-9 Shields.

Round 5: Shields with some jabs, then another takedown attempt. He gets it, and works his way back into full mount. Shields throws some strikes then flirts with a side choke attempt before abandoning it for more ground and pound. Shields into side control, working for an armbar. He gives that up for full mount again. More fists from the top by Shields.

Henderson is stuck,  because he knows giving up his back against a guy with Shields' jiu-jitsu is a recipe for being tapped out. Shields goes for a side choke, then tries to take Henderson's back. He doesn't get it, so he finishes the round with more strikes from full mount. 10-9 Shields, so I score the bout 49-46 for defending champion Shields. I'd be shocked if the judges have it otherwise.

Winner: Jake Shields defeats Dan Henderson via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-45, 48-45) after five rounds to retain the Strikeforce middleweight title.

That was a dominant performance by Shields, who is now essentially a free agent despite holding a title in Strikeforce. This was the last fight of his contract,

And then things get really ugly. With Shields' entire posse surrounding him in the cage -- including Gilbert Melendez and the always-froggy Nick and Nate Diaz -- Jason "Mayhem" Miller gets into the cage, onto the microphone, and asks Shields for a rematch.

It's hard to tell who threw the first punch (people in the venue don't seem to know for sure, and on TV the first strikes were obscured first by a cut-away shot, and later by bodies in the line of sight). But Mayhem was shoved away by Melendez, then lunged forward. He (and seemingly dozens of others) ended up in a street fight, on national television, with the Diaz-Melendez-Shields crew.

UFC lightweight Nate Diaz could be seen on the replay soccer-kicking a downed man (presumably Mayhem, but it's hard to tell since he was already covered and being beaten by two or three other guys).

When people call MMA fighters a bunch of thugs, usually, they're wrong and misinformed. But as an MMA fan of about 15 years now, I have to say, what you saw in the cage at the end of this show was thuggery.

Mixed martial arts is supposed to be about respect and honor. I know a lot of the sport's critics have never bought that for a second, but it's true. When stuff like this happens, it becomes impossible to defend the sport.

And it's not the sport's fault, nor is that type of thing customary. This was a few idiots making an extremely poor judgment call, and rest assured they will be punished for it.
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'Saturday Night Fights' live blog: 8:45 p.m. ET

Tonight, MMA returns to CBS with three big Strikeforce title bouts airing live from Nashville, Tenn., at 9 p.m. ET.

For those of you that can't be near a television -- or if you just want to add to your viewing experience -- I will be live-blogging the broadcast tonight starting shortly before 9 p.m. ET.

Here's an early look at the show's introduction to hold you over:

For a complete look at the full card, with quick stats on all of the fighters on the broadcast and expert picks, check out our CBSSports.com Head to Head preview .

See you tonight.

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UFC 93 live results: Franklin vs. Henderson

We're up to the main event, as Rich "Ace" Franklin fights Dan Henderson. This one's at light heavyweight.

Round 1: Franklin with a leg kick. Henderson with a left hook. Henderson takes Franklin down near the cage. Henderson tries to do some ground and pound and lands several shots as Franklin tries to get up. Henderson controls Franklin's arms and keeps him down. Henderson using knees to the ribs, but Franklin escapes to his feet. Franklin with a left body kick. Henderson with a kick-punch combo. Henderson is throwing lots of lefts and keeping that dangerous right hand loaded up. Franklin with a leg kick. Franklin's showing plenty of respect to Henderson's right, advancing forward with lots of caution. They exchange blows and Franklin takes a body lock. Henderson shakes it off as the round ends. 10-9 Henderson, and Franklin is cut badly on his head, from an inadvertant head butt.

Round 2: Franklin, before the round, laughed about his cut and said "that's a bad one." Inside leg kick by Henderson. Henderson with a side kick. They finally come into each other's range and wind up in a clinch, but neither gains an advantage. Henderson with a left hook to set up an uppercut, which doesn't land well. Franklin with jabs and body kicks. Henderson tries for a takedown and gets it. Franklin's in full guard with his head back against the fence. Henderson tries to pass guard and Franklin turns his backside toward the fence to defend it. Henderson looking for elbows from the top but Franklin's not giving him many openings. Franklin's cut is opened back up. Franklin scrambles for an armbar and Henderson reacts with a heavy fist from above, as the round ends. 10-9 Henderson.

Round 3: Franklin's landing a lot of fists, but Henderson is standing his ground and connects with a right. Henderson takes Franklin down again, with Franklin near the cage. Franklin looks for a triangle while Henderson looks to pound him out. Franklin fights back to his feet and bodylocks Henderson against the fence. Henderson breaks out of it. Franklin with a body kick and a left hook. Franklin with a left and a body kick, followed by a takedown attempt. Henderson looks a bit tired, but not totally gassed. Henderson slips while throwing a head kick and Franklin gets in a few free punches while Henderson stands up. Henderson inadvertantly pokes Franklin in the eye during an exchange and Franklin falls to the mat in pain. Referee Dan Miragliotta informs Franklin he doesn't get five minutes to recover, because that's only for a groin strike. Miragliotta asks UFC's Marc Ratner how much recovery time to allow, and it's two minutes. Franklin's ready to go, so they circle again. Franklin with a low kick. Henderson throws a right hand, and they finish the fight swinging. 10-9 Franklin, so I'd score the bout 29-28 Henderson.

Winner: Dan Henderson defeats Rich Franklin via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28) after three rounds.

I don't know how you call that fight 30-27 for Franklin, but apparently one judge saw it that way.

Henderson said he's looking forward to coaching The Ultimate Fighter against Michael Bisping, who he will then fight after the season ends.

"I think it's right up my alley," Henderson said.

The silver lining in all of this is that Franklin wanted to stay at light heavyweight, and a win here would have put him at middleweight again to fight Bisping. Franklin also wasn't thrilled with the idea of coaching The Ultimate Fighter again, but since he lost, he won't have to worry about it.
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UFC 93 live blog on Saturday

UFC 93 weigh-ins took place earlier today. You can check here for specifics, but every fighter on the card made weight for Saturday.

For those of you planning to order UFC 93 on PPV on Saturday, remember this one's coming from Dublin, Ireland. Which means if you want to watch it live in the United States, you need to order the show at 3 p.m. ET, not the standard 10 p.m. ET UFC start time.

A tape-delay airing of UFC 93 will certainly be available from most PPV providers for those who prefer a Saturday night gathering for UFC events. But if you prefer to watch the fights live, you should clear your schedule on Saturday afternoon.

And if you're planning to order a replay of the event and want to avoid spoilers, here's fair warning: I'll be live-blogging UFC 93 on Saturday, so if you come to CBSSports.com any time after 3 p.m. ET, you'll find results for every single fight, including round-by-round analysis of the main card.

This is one of those shows that could turn out to be really good despite not being terribly important in the grand scheme of things. None of the fights -- not even Henderson vs. Franklin -- look to have an immediate impact on any UFC championship, yet the odds are still very good that we'll see some drama.

Henderson vs. Franklin could be a great fight, as could Lytle vs. Davis. I'm not sure what to think about Coleman vs. Rua for multiple reasons (Coleman's age, possible cage rust for both men, Rua returning from injury, etc.). But every unanswered question is another reason to be interested in a fight, so I guess that's a good thing.

See you on Saturday between 2-3 p.m. ET for our live UFC 93 blog.
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UFC 88 live results: Henderson vs. Palhares

Here comes former PRIDE double weight class champion Dan Henderson, as he fights submission master Rousimar Palhares. Henderson needs to break a two-loss skid (though losing to Quinton Jackson and Anderson Silva back to back isn't exactly something to be embarrassed about).

Round 1: Palhares shoots for a takedown and Henderson sprawls and clocks him with a right hand square on the chin. Palhares goes to his back briefly but Henderson lets him up. Palhares throws a head kick, which Hendo blocks. Palhares connects with a body kick and misses with a wheel kick. Henderson with a right hand to the jaw. Palhares throws a combination and Henderson answers with authority, putting Palhares on his back, but not out. He lets him up again. Henderson is clearly not interested in taking this to the mat, and for good reason. Palhares throws a punch to set up a takedown. Henderson tries to roll through and ends up on the bottom with Palhares in half guard. Palhares was working on a kneebar as the horn sounded to end the round. I score it 10-9 Henderson for doing the most damage striking and for effectively stuffing Palhares' offense until the end of the round.

Round 2: Palhares takes down Henderson with a high slam. Henderson closes guard and throws some elbows. Palhares slaps on a kneebar and Henderson has to fight his way out of it. They're back to their feet. Henderson stuffs a takedown and ends up on top in Palhares' guard. Henderson seems unwilling to commit to any offense from the top because Palhares is actively looking for a sweep or another leg submission. The fighters are stood back up due to inactivity. Henderson connects with a right jab. They trade high kick attempts as the round ends. 10-9 Palhares due to the slam takedown and the kneebar, so I've got this fight even at 19-19 heading into Round 3.

Round 3: An exchange ends with Palhares hitting a knee to the head, but no major damage done. Henderson working the jab again. He sprawls to easily avoid a takedown. Palhares is getting more shy about the takedown attempts and Henderson is waiting for him to do it so he can counter-attack, so the action is slowing down. Henderson with fists, but doesn't connect with much. Palhares goes for a takedown and Henderson spins right out of it. Henderson throws a looping punch and Palhares pounces on his leg for a kneebar attempt, but Henderson slips out. Henderson lands a punch and Palhares tries to bait him to the mat by rolling onto his back, so Henderson smashes him with a big punch on the ground as the round ends. There was so little activity in that last round that Henderson's defense and that last couple of strikes may have earned him the win. I give the round to Henderson 10-9, and the fight to Henderson 29-28.

Winner: Dan Henderson defeats Rousimar Palhares via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) after three rounds.

"This opponent was just as tough as any I have faced in here," Henderson said.

Henderson acknowledged that he was trying not to let the fight stay on the mat for long.

"I knew he was damn good on the ground. I didn't want to mess around with him down there."

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UFC 82 live results: Silva vs. Henderson

Dan Henderson is on his way to the Octagon for his main event title fight against Anderson Silva. This should be a good one.

Round 1: The circle cautiously to start. Silva throws a kick and Henderson tries to catch the leg and throw an overhand right, but he misses. Silva with various head kick attempts. Henderson takes him down. Silva is lying on his side and Henderson is hammerfisting him in the temple. Henderson gets side control. Silva spins out and pulls guard. Henderson takes a big swing that gets blocked, and the round ends. 10-9 Henderson based on the ground work.

Round 2: Henderson uses a kick to set up an overhand right but misses. Silva throws some head kicks. Henderson tries to pull guard but doesn't quite get there, so they get back to their feet. Henderson lands a big right. Silva gets his clinch long enough to rock Henderson with a right knee. Henderson swings wildly for a bit but goes down and pulls guard to regroup. Silva working some ground and pound. Silva with Henderson's back. Henderson tries a back elbow and misses. Silva gets the hooks in and then moves to a body triangle and flattens Henderson out. Silva sinks in a rear naked choke and Henderson taps out with 10 seconds left in the round.

Winner: Anderson Silva defeated Dan Henderson via submission to a rear naked choke at 4:50 of Round 2.

Unbelievable win for Silva, and the fact that he did it with a submission adds just another weapon to his arsenal.
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