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UFC 112 live results: Silva vs. Maia

Time for the middleweight title fight: Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia.

Silva looks more confident than ever coming to the Octagon. Nothing fazes this guy. They keep showing Georges St. Pierre at cageside and teasing that he's interested in this fight. I guess they're setting up Silva vs. St-Pierre after all.

But first, Silva vs. Maia...

Round 1: Maia stalking forward cautiously as Silva waits for his opening. Silva with a side kick to the shin. Interesting. Silva with an outside leg kick that spins Maia around on his feet. Silva head fakes a strike and Maia leaps backward, covering half the distance of the Octagon.

Silva begins clowning, crouching down into a sprinter's starting position and sticking his chin out. Leg kick by Silva. And another. Maia doesn't want to move forward, but that's keeping him from throwing anything, too. Silva starts doing a side-to-side head shimmy, mocking Maia, then throws a short fist. Maia tries to pull guard and Silva escapes.

Silva hits Maia with a flying knee to the head, and Maia goes down. Silva won't go into Maia's guard, wisely. He starts kicking Maia in the hands, dangerously close to kicking him in the face while he's down. The referee stands Maia up. Silva still mocking Maia and toying with him. 10-9 Silva.

Round 2:
Silva with a jab and some more mockery. Silva with an ouside leg kick that puts Maia down. Silva stuffs a takedown and throws a huge kick at Maia while he's down, just missing his head. (Which would be extremely illegal, if he connected.) Silva now mocking Maia again and the crowd cheers him for it. Silva standing with his hands on his hips, then at his waist. He punches the canvas, frustrated. Maia swings, Silva dodges.

Silva just following Maia around the cage and talking trash at him. Jab by Silva. The round ends. If I could deduct a point from Silva for being an idiot, I would. But I can't. 10-9 Silva.

Round 3: Teep kick by Silva. Maia's face is bleeding. Outside leg kick by Silva. Inside leg kick by Silva. Maia is taking these leg kicks but he's not giving much back, other than the occasional missed jab. At this point, if I'm Maia, I just shoot for takedowns or get knocked out trying. Maia misses a jab, Silva with a leg kick. He misses again, and Silva kicks his leg again, and then mocks him by doing some ugly-looking jig.

Silva will chop Maia down and Maia will stay there, but Silva lets him up. It's basically a public shaming at this point. 10-9 Silva.

Round 4: More of the same. Silva is not attacking, just dancing around and making fun of the fact that Maia can't do anything to stop him. Maia is trying, but he's way out of his league, demoralized, and unable to force anything. The crowd in Abu Dhabi is cheering for GSP, which says it all.

Maia gets frustrated and waves Silva on. Silva answers by waving him forward. The crowd cheers for Maia. The round ends. Screw it -- 10-9 Maia, because at least he was moving.

Round 5: Embarrassing lack of class from a guy who should be one of the UFC's embassadors. Maia is looking for takedowns. Silva dodges one attempt. Maia has one eye closed from swelling. Leg kick by Silva, and Maia erupts with fists and kicks. He goes down and keeps swinging from his knees. The crowd goes nuts cheering him on. Silva laughs at him.

Maia swings, Silva ducks. Silva with a spinning back kick. Silva is just walking in circles. Silva misses a jab as Maia clings to a leg for a takedown attempt. Silva slips out. Side kick to the shin by Silva, followed by more jogging in circles. Referee Dan Miragliotta stops the fight to tell Silva if he keeps running around he's going to deduct a point, and the crowd cheers him for it.

Silva finally stands in front of Maia, but there's very little time left. He dodges a few strikes, and the buzzer sounds. The crowd erupts in a large "Maia, Maia" chant.

Winner: Anderson Silva defeats Demian Maia via unanimous decision after five rounds to retain the UFC middleweight title.

Silva is still every bit as good as advertised, but his complete disrespect of his opponents -- in a sport where the fighters pride themselves in respecting martial arts -- is growing tiresome. He apologized (through the interpretation of Ed Soares) afterward, but I don't buy it. Not when it's happened for several consecutive fights.

Reports from Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports are that Dana White threw down the middleweight title belt and stormed off. White apparently also had words with Ed Soares during the fight and did not strap the belt onto Silva after his win.

Silva is still one of the best fighters in the world. But somehow, even in winning, he finds a way to turn himself into a disgrace. His behavior won't help the UFC win any new fans. His ability would. But in order for that to happen, he needs to start dismantling guys the way he did early in his reign.

If you want to prove your opponent is terrible, do it by destroying him. Then, shake his hand afterward for being honorable enough to step into the cage and give it his best shot. To mock a man for trying, and to be the bully that nobody can shut up, is not being a great representative for MMA.

And that is part of being a champion. You have to represent your sport, particularly when it's fighting to maintain credibility as critics look for any chance to write it off. Silva's got the fighting game down pat. But if he wants to mock someone for being subpar, he should start by going home, looking in the mirror, and thinking about what it means to be a champion of honor.

In going out of his way to point out how shameful Maia was, Silva shamed himself and the UFC. It sounds like Dana White might agree with me on that one.

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UFC 102 live results: Marquardt vs. Maia

At middleweight, Nate Marquardt fights the undefeated Demian Maia.

Maia has looked virtually unbeatable when it comes to jiu-jitsu. But Marquardt is, overall, the more skilled fighter and should be a lot more powerful. How Marquardt avoids or counters Maia's submission game will tell the tale of this fight.

Round 1: Well, that was quick. Maia throws a leg kick (misses), then a head kick (blocked). Maia plants to throw another kick, Marquardt times it and counters with a gigantic right hand that floors Maia. Marquardt doesn't even have to follow up with strikes on the ground, as Maia is finished.

Winner: Nate Marquardt defeats Demian Maia via KO due to a right hand at 21 seconds of Round 1.

Marquardt said he hurt his ankle before the fight and couldn't throw kicks, so he worked on that particular counter.

"I want that belt," Marquardt said. "I don't know who's getting the shot next, but if you want someone that can get in there and kick Anderson Silva's butt, then you're gonna give the shot to me."

Anderson Silva was shown on the big screen in the crowd, grinning and nodding. With Dan Henderson already in line for a shot and Silva seemingly looking to other divisions for opponents, Marquardt might have to get in line. Again. Still though, an impressive win for Nate "The Great," and a reminder that no matter how skilled you are in one discipline, this is still mixed martial arts.
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UFC 87 live results: MacDonald vs. Maia

We're kicking things off with Jason MacDonald vs. Demian Maia.

Round 1: MacDonald clinches and takes Maia down early, surprisingly opting for a ground fight. Maia traps him in a deep, tight arm triangle. MacDonald amazingly escapes out the back door after a long struggle and gets Maia's back for a rear naked choke. Maia escapes and takes guard again. MacDonald winds up on his back and locks in a guillotine choke. Maia passes guard to side control to get out. Maia maneuvers into back control and locks in a rear naked choke with a body lock, and while MacDonald can't escape, he fights back long enough to last the round. Tough call, but I'll give it to Maia 10-9 based on being closer to finishing.

Round 2: Maia spends the majority of the round on top of MacDonald working from his guard. Maia takes full mount and tries some ground and pound. Maia slows down his striking for a bit, then uses some elbows to the face. MacDonald trying to escape but can't, although he's defending Maia's strikes very well. He's in a bad position, but he's not really taking much damage other than a cut on the bridge of the nose. MacDonald fights into half guard and finally muscles his way out the back door, finishing the round in Maia's guard. Maia 20-18.

Round 3: Maia with a takedown, which MacDonald escapes for a takedown of his own. MacDonald works on top and briefly gets behind Maia long enough to try a rear naked choke, but Maia escapes quickly. Now Maia has MacDonald's back, looking for a choke. He finally sinks in the rear naked and MacDonald is forced to tap out. Tremendous fight for those who appreciate submissions and reversals.

Winner: Demian Maia defeats Jason MacDonald via submission to a rear naked choke at 2:44 of Round 3.
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