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UFC 112 live results: Penn vs. Edgar

It's time for the lightweight title bout pitting champion BJ Penn vs. challenger Frankie Edgar.

Penn is one of the top fighters in the world at any weight class. Let's see if Edgar can crack the code.

Round 1: Edgar with a leg kick, moving in and out very quickly to try and avoid the accuracy of Penn's strikes. Edgar whiffs on a few feeler jabs, then gets out again to avoid a counterstrike. Left jab by Penn connects. Both guys throwing strikes conservatively. Leg kick by Edgar. Edgar uses a punch to set up a single leg, but Penn stuffed the attempt and landed a few good punches in the process.

Edgar moves in quickly and still eats a fist combo before getting back out of range. Edgar with a combo of body punches into a quickly aborted takedown attempt. Edgar with another punch into a body lock, but Penn throws him off. End of the round, and I'd give it to Penn 10-9, but he's already got a mouse under his left eye.

Round 2: Edgar with another takedown attempt off a jab, but Penn stuffs it. Edgar moves in and immediately gets hit with three punches before retreating. Edgar's constant movement is a good thing, and an acknowledgement of Penn's precision striking. Punch in the gut by Penn.

Edgar with a body punch and he gets caught by two counterstrikes. Kick to the ribs by Edgar. Penn with a left, and Edgar lands a nice countering right-left combo. Leg kick by Edgar. Edgar takes down Penn with a single leg but doesn't go down with him, so Penn gets right back up and lands two uppercuts. That's another 10-9 round for Penn.

Round 3: Edgar with an uppercut. A jab by Edgar misses the mark. Edgar misses a looping right and Penn connects with a series of counters, including an uppercut. Penn with a left, as Edgar connects with a pair of body punches. Edgar with a nice left hook off a fake. Penn with a left hook. Edgar sets up a takedown attempt with a Superman punch, which grazes Penn, but he gets stuffed. Whenever Edgar gets stuffed on a takedown, he gets right out of dodge, which is smart. He doesn't hang around and eat fists the way Mark Munoz did against Kendall Grove.

Edgar ducks an overhand right and tries another takedown, but fails. Leg kick by Edgar at the end of the round. 10-9 Penn.

Round 4: Edgar still sticking and moving, but nothing much lands aside from Penn's counters. Penn throws an inside leg kick and Edgar connects with a countering fist to the ribs. Penn with a nice left hook. Edgar throws a head kick and Penn blocks it. Edgar lands a right hand and Penn connects with a counter. Edgar with a body punch. Edgar with a body shot, but the a left hook misses.

Penn with a solid jab. And another. Penn checks a leg kick. Edgar pushes forward and Penn throws him off, then tags him with another jab. Edgar ends the round with a nice left hook. 10-9 Penn.

Round 5: Edgar lands a combo and completes a takedown. Penn escapes relatively quickly to his feet. Leg kick by Penn. Jab by Penn. Penn tags Edgar with a right that takes him off balance for a split second. Both fighters trading jabs now. Nice right hook by Edgar connects. Penn misses a head kick.

Edgar tries for a single leg takedown and Penn shucks him off. Another takedown attempt it stuffed by Penn. Left hook by Edgar. Edgar with a left hook and leg kick combo, connecting on both and dodging Penn's counter. Nice. Penn dodges a straight right and connects with a counterpunch. Jab by Penn. Leg kick to the body by Edgar.Edgar with a body punch, Penn counters with an uppercut. Penn looks tired, but Edgar is in good shape.

Penn with a right hand and a knee to the body at the end of the round. 10-9 Edgar, so I would judge the fight for Penn, 49-46. We'll see what the real judges think.

Winner: Frankie Edgar
defeats BJ Penn via unanimous decision (50-45, 48-47, 49-46) after five rounds to win the UFC lightweight title.

Wow. That was something else. It was a very difficult fight to score -- depending almost entirely on whether you value accurate counterstriking more than frequently pushing the pace and pursuing offense -- but even though it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility to give the fight to Edgar, 50-45 seems looney.

On another note, that's probably the farthest my scoring has ever been off from the official fight result.

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TUF 10 Finale live results: Edgar vs. Veach

Up next is Frankie "The Answer" Edgar vs. Matt Veach at 155. Edgar was originally slated to face Kurt Pellegrino. In a way, this is a more dangerous fight in that a loss to Veach is a much greater professional setback for Edgar than a loss to Pellegrino would have been.

Round 1: Veach throws a right to the gut and uses it to shoot in for a takedown. Edgar stuffs it. Veach takes a single leg but Edgar shakes that off, too. Edgar with a head kick. Veach lifts Edgar up onto his shoulder and slams him on his back for a big takedown. Rather than pull guard, Edgar actually fights to his knees to attempt an escape. Veach slams him back to the mat, and Edgar is still fighting to get vertical again. Edgar gets free and lands a right jab. Veach ties up the arm afterward but misses a counterstrike. Edgar with a body punch. Veach connects with a left hook and Edgar lands a countering right to the ribs. They both connect on jabs, with Veach's packing a little more power. Veach misses a left, Edgar connects with the countering jab. Veach whiffs on a Superman punch. Edgar blocks a left hook and throws a kick to the body as the round ends. Very close round. Slight edge to Edgar in standup, slight edge to Veach on takedowns. Since takedowns don't finish fights, I'll score it 10-9 Edgar.

Round 2: They resume the standup duel for a bit, then Veach shootsin for a single leg. Edgar stuffs it but Veach tries to use his power to force it. Edgar breaks free. Edgar fakes left and connects with a nice straight right. Veach moves in and Edgar smacks him with a right hook, and Veach falls to his knees. Edgar hammers away on the ground as Veach tries to get his bearings. Veach rolls to his belly, and Edgar slaps on a rear naked choke for the submission.

Winner: Frankie Edgar defeats Matt Veach via submission to a rear naked choke at 2:22 of Round 2.
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Fight Night 14 live results: Franca vs. Edgar

Here we go: Hermes Franca vs. Frankie Edgar.

Round 1: Edgar takes down Franca immediately. Franca's hair is turquoise tonight, for those keeping score. Edgar with ground and pound. Edgar throwing punches and elbows, alternating between standing up and striking down, and striking from inside Franca's guard. Franca catches an armbar out of nowhere and Edgar escapes. Back in Franca's guard. Franca with an upkick and he's back to his feet. Franca with a knee and an uppercut. Edgar takes him down again. Edgar with more good punches from Franca's guard. Franca is trying for that arm again. The round ends and Franca has a slight bloody nose and mouse under his left eye. I give it to Edgar, 10-9.

Round 2: They trade punches, with Edgar landing some nice combos. Takedown by Edgar. Edgar with about four good lefts to Franca's face. Edgar lands more shots. He stands up and throws a few bombs down at Franca. Back in Franca's guard. Edgar stands and Franca rolls backward into a turtle position. Edgar back on the mat throwing punches. Franca spins onto his back and takes guard again. A few more shots by Edgar. Franca scrambles back to his feet. After a brief standup exchange, Edgar scores another takedown. The constant pounding is taking a toll on Franca. His face is swollen as the round ends. I'd call that round 10-8 for Edgar, so I score the fight 20-17 heading into Round 3.

Round 3: Hermes Franca comes out swinging. He knows this is it. He lands some knees and tries for a kneebar but winds up holding Edgar in guard again. Back to his feet and Franca throws a head kick. Another takedown by Edgar. Franca struggling to get back to his feet but Edgar is on him at all times. Back to guard. Franca pushes Edgar's hips with his feet and attempts a sweep, but Edgar gets him back to guard. Back to their feet. Edgar with a nice body kick. Franca cracks Edgar with a strong knee to the head that rocks Edgar. Edgar has the presence to take Franca down immediately and avoid more damage as the time runs out. 10-9 Edgar, so I'd score the fight 30-26 for Edgar. I give Franca credit though. Lots of guts.

Winner: Frankie Edgar defeats Hermes Franca via unanimous decision (30-27 all around) after three rounds.
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