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UFC live results: Dos Santos vs. Gonzaga (Hwt.)

Another heavyweight fight as the undefeated Junior Dos Santos takes on Gabriel Gonzaga.

If Gonzaga keeps this fight standing, he will likely become the second Gonzaga to lose big today (Syracuse in the house! ).

Round 1: Very few strikes to start, with both men showing tons of respect and caution. Gonzaga shoots for a takedown and Dos Santos escapes. Outside leg kick by Gonzaga. Gonzaga moves in with a punch, misses, but avoids a one-two counter combo. Gonzaga throws the right head kick that KO'ed Cro Cop, but Dos Santos blocks it. Dos Santos throws one as well, and misses.

They trade leg kicks. Gonzaga with an outside leg kick and Dos Santos grazes him with an overhand right. Gonzaga throws a left kick to the body and gets smashed with a left hook counterpunch.

Gonzaga goes down. Dos Santos goes Donkey Kong. And it's all over. Another first-round TKO for the still undefeated Junior Dos Santos.

Winner: Junior Dos Santos defeats Gabriel Gonzaga via TKO due to strikes at 3:53 of Round 1.

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UFC 108 live results: Dos Santos vs. Yvel

The heavyweights are up, as PRIDE FC veteran Gilbert Yvel makes his UFC debut against Junior Dos Santos, who remains undefeated in the big show. Dos Santos most recently beat Mirko Cro Cop via submission to a punch at UFC 103, a bout that made Cro Cop briefly consider retirement.

Yvel's biggest fight in recent years was a third-round submission loss to Josh Barnett at Affliction: Day of Reckoning last January.

Yvel enters to AC/DC's "Thunderstruck." Dos Santos enters to the "Rocky" theme. Also, Dos Santos' left ear is cocked at an almost 90-degree angle from his skull. If there's to be another "exploding ear" fight in U.S. MMA lore, Dos Santos is a likely participant.

Round 1: Dos Santos with a quick left to the body. Yvel with a kick attempt, but it's blocked. Overhand right by Dos Santos is blocked. Dos Santos with a fast combo that finds the mark, and Yvel lands a pair of countering rights. Dos Santos throws a leg kick and Yvel counters with a left hook. Head kick by Yvel is blocked. Dos Santos throws a right to the gut, and then comes over the top with a big left hand that puts Yvel on his back. Dos Santos goes Donkey Kong on Yvel on the ground, and even though Yvel is rolling around and covering up, it's not enough, and Herb Dean stops the fight. Yvel gets up to protest the stoppage.

Winner: Junior Dos Santos defeats Gilbert Yvel via TKO due to strikes at 2:07 of Round 1.

Dos Santos is now 4-0 in the UFC. Through manager Ed Soares, Joe Rogan asks Dos Santos where this fight puts him in the title picture.

"At the top," he said.

Speaking of the UFC heavyweight title picture, is was announced recently that Shane Carwin will fight Frank Mir for the interim heavyweight title in March at UFC 111. Carwin would probably have to follow a modified version of Brock Lesnar's strategy against Mir (from the second fight, not the first). From there, the question will be how much of a factor Lesnar's weight advantage was, since Carwin will be a lighter load on Mir in a ground fight, and also since Mir has bulked up a bit.
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UFC 103 live results: Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos

Mirko Cro Cop battles fellow heavyweight striker Junior Dos Santos next. Dos Santos is young and has yet to taste defeat in the UFC.

Dos Santos enters the arena to the Rocky theme. Cro Cop enters, of course, to "Wild Boys" by Duran Duran.

Round 1: Dos Santos has a mean look in his eyes. He rushes in quickly and puts Cro Cop against the fence but he doesn't actually land any strikes of note. They face off again and Dos Santos throws a quick right. Cro Cop throws a left head kick that gets blocked. Cro Cop ties up with Dos Santos briefly and Dos Santos uses the chance to unleash a barrage of close-range strikes. Cro Cop covers up, but the onslaught ends. Cro Cop with a body lock but he can't do anything with it. Uppercut by Dos Santos. Cro Cop ties up Dos Santos again and the Texas crowd starts chanting for Cro Cop. Cro Cop tries to throw Dos Santos to the ground with the body lock but it backfires and he briefly winds up beneath Dos Santos. He gets up quickly. Cro Cop with a left hook that seems to stun Dos Santos for a split second. Dos Santos is cut near his right eye. The round ends, and it's pretty even. Dos Santos is trying to be the aggressor but Cro Cop is doing the right things to defend, and doing damage in the process. 10-9 Cro Cop.

Round 2: Dos Santos with a right hand. Cro Cop with a leg kick, and on cue, Dos Santos assaults him with a flurry of fists. Cro Cop hangs in there and engages him, then body locks to regain control of the pace. Dos Santos with a nice uppercut. Uppercut by Dos Santos is countered by a right hook. Cro Cop swings and misses with that patented left high kick. Dos Santos with an uppercut and a right. Cro Cop looks to be tiring. They tie up and Cro Cop knees Dos Santos in the gut. Right hook by Dos Santos is ducked by Cro Cop. Dos Santos keeps trying for that uppercut, and I think Cro Cop has it scouted at this point. But he still may not be able to dodge it forever if he gets tired. Low blow by Cro Cop and the ref gives Dos Santos time to walk it off. Dos Santos with a big right hand. Cro Cop is now cut over his left eye. The round ends, and I score it 10-9 Dos Santos.

Round 3: Cro Cop with a nice left hand. And a left jab for good measure. Right uppercut by Dos Santos. A pair of Muay Thai knees by Dos Santos. Cro Cop with a left, Dos Santos answers with a right. Dos Santos is smacking Cro Cop around now with knees and fists. Cro Cop is hurt. In a strange finish, Dos Santos turns away from Cro Cop and celebrates. The referee (and the audience) seem to not realize the fight is over, until Cro Cop tells him he can't see. The referee waves it off. On the replay, Dos Santos smashed Cro Cop with a right uppercut to the eye socket, and you can see Cro Cop immediately grab that area with his hand.

Winner: Junior Dos Santos defeats Mirko Cro Cop via verbal submission due to strikes at 2:00 of Round 3.

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UFC 90 live results: Werdum vs. Dos Santos

The heavyweights are up next: Fabricio Werdum vs. Junior Dos Santos. This is the UFC debut for Dos Santos and also his first fight in a country other than Brazil.

It should be noted that Werdum weighed in at 256 to Dos Santos' 234, so there is a pretty significant size advantage in Werdum's favor.

UFC Hall of Famer Dan "The Beast" Severn is shown in attendance. Man, does that guy bring back memories.

Round 1: Dos Santos throws leg kicks. Werdum throws a sloppy leg kick of his own. A few seconds of inactivity, and then HOLY UPSET. Dos Santos smashes Werdum with a right uppercut, which Werdum actually leans into while throwing a looping right of his own. Werdum crumbles to the mat and it's all over.

Werdum is being tended to in his corner, and he is bleeding everywhere.

Winner: Junior Dos Santos defeats Fabricio Werdum via KO from a right uppercut at 1:20 of Round 1.

"I believed in my hands," Dos Santos said via translator Ed Soares. He said he knew it would be a bit sketchy going to the ground with Werdum, but he was confident he could get it done with strikes.

Well there's a nice upset in the books for UFC 90. I guess Cote is off the hook now.
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