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Posted on: September 19, 2009 11:58 pm
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UFC 103 live results: Franklin vs. Belfort

The main event is up next, as Rich "Ace" Franklin fights returning UFC veteran Vitor Belfort at a catchweight of 195 pounds. Interesting to note that Belfort -- who had been fighting at 185 with seemingly little difficulty -- actually needed more than one try to make 195 for this fight.

Round 1: Belfort with a fast leg kick. Franklin with a more tentative leg kick of his own. Franklin whiffs on a looping right hand and almost eats a straight left. These guys are showing lots of caution and respect for their opponent's standup. Belfort throws a teep kick to the body that misses. Franklin with a teep. Franklin misses a pair of looping fists and Belfort counters with a jab. Franklin throws again and gets countered with a right jab and a left hook that stuns him. Franklin goes down to his knees and Belfort keeps pounding away on a face-down Franklin until the referee waves it off. Franklin wasn't knocked out completely, but he was definitely no longer defending himself. Unless putting your face flat on the canvas is considered smart defense.

Winner: Vitor Belfort
defeats Rich Franklin via knockout at 3:02 of Round 1.

Belfort was very gracious after the win, thanking God, his family, and Franklin for taking the fight. Franklin was still somewhat out of it during the postfight interview with Rogan, and he said he didn't exactly know what shot dazed him first but he expected to start piecing it together once he regained his wits.

This is a major validation for Belfort, who has been on an impressive comeback outside of the UFC. Due to his history of inconsistent performances, there were going to be questions about whether his comeback would translate to the big leagues. But a KO over a top fighter like Franklin will go a long way toward convincing his detractors that Belfort still has lots of gas left in his tank. He seems more level-headed and at peace these days, and that is showing up in his performances in the cage.

When asked the inevitable question about whether he'd like to fight Anderson Silva for the middleweight title, Belfort said Silva was a friend of his, but that if Dana White and the UFC wanted him to fight Silva, he would fight anyone.
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UFC 99 live results: Franklin vs. Silva

Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva ends the show. Franklin enters to "Rock Superstar" by Cypress Hill, which is a change from his usual "For Those About to Rock" by AC/DC.

Round 1: Franklin lands a left and dodges a counterpunch by Silva. Franklin with a straight left. Silva with a low kick, Franklin counters with a straight left. Silva misses on a big swing. Franklin with a body kick and Silva lands a countering right hand. Silva with a high kick attempt, and another. Franklin goes back to the body kicks and Silva catches his leg for a takedown. Very different type of fight from the typical Wanderlei Silva fare, so far. Franklin has full guard. Silva lands a couple food fists from the top. Franklin pushes off Wanderlei's hips with his feet and escapes. Franklin takes Silva to the mat and mounts. Franklin with strikes from the top as Silva scrambles. Silva gets to his feet and they separate. 10-9 Franklin.

Round 2: Silva with a body kick and Franklin counters with an overhand right. Silva throws a kick and Franklin counters with a left to the body and an overhand right. Leg kick by Franklin. Silva throws a big right and Franklin drops him with a jab, which may have been a slip. Wanderlei's right back up. They trade rights. Franklin with an uppercut. Franklin with a body kick, and Wanderlei catches the leg to throw a big countering right hand, but whiffs on it. Silva with a nice left-right combo that staggers Franklin, and now Silva is advancing forward. Franklin looks hurt. Silva hammers away with one-two combos. The round ends, and Franklin is sucking wind in the corner. 10-9 Silva based on being closer to finishing the fight than Franklin ever was.

Round 3:
They're taking turns tagging each other. Missing on high kicks, connecting with most of their punches. Both look tired. Leg kick by Franklin catches Silva below the belt, but he shakes it off in a few seconds. Both guys swinging hard for the knockout. Silva with a knee and a body kick. Franklin with jabs. Crowd is getting behind Silva, and he looks suddenly inspired. I believe "hulking up" is the wrestling term. Franklin blocks a head kick. Franklin with a body kick with a minute left. Wanderlei's waving to the fans to cheer louder. Silva backs Franklin up to the fence and throws a flurry of strikes. Franklin takes him down. Silva kicks him away and stands, but Franklin holds him on a waist lock. Silva ends the round frantically throwing back elbows at Franklin while being held from behind. I'd give it to Silva 10-9, scoring the fight for Silva 29-28, but it was a good, close one.

Winner: Rich Franklin
defeats Wanderlei Silva via unanimous decision after three rounds.

The crowd is not happy with that decision.

Franklin said after the fight that he thought 195 pounds was the perfect weight class for him, if only it existed as a weight class. Until then, he'll stick with 205. He also felt a bit vindicated to win a decision in a close fight, since he still believes he should have gotten the nod against Dan Henderson.

As a reminder, we'll have video of the UFC 99 postfight press conference at the top of our Head to Head page, provided by the UFC, as soon as it is available. In the meantime, click any of the buttons at the top of the video player to check out the existing UFC 99 content.

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UFC 93 live results: Franklin vs. Henderson

We're up to the main event, as Rich "Ace" Franklin fights Dan Henderson. This one's at light heavyweight.

Round 1: Franklin with a leg kick. Henderson with a left hook. Henderson takes Franklin down near the cage. Henderson tries to do some ground and pound and lands several shots as Franklin tries to get up. Henderson controls Franklin's arms and keeps him down. Henderson using knees to the ribs, but Franklin escapes to his feet. Franklin with a left body kick. Henderson with a kick-punch combo. Henderson is throwing lots of lefts and keeping that dangerous right hand loaded up. Franklin with a leg kick. Franklin's showing plenty of respect to Henderson's right, advancing forward with lots of caution. They exchange blows and Franklin takes a body lock. Henderson shakes it off as the round ends. 10-9 Henderson, and Franklin is cut badly on his head, from an inadvertant head butt.

Round 2: Franklin, before the round, laughed about his cut and said "that's a bad one." Inside leg kick by Henderson. Henderson with a side kick. They finally come into each other's range and wind up in a clinch, but neither gains an advantage. Henderson with a left hook to set up an uppercut, which doesn't land well. Franklin with jabs and body kicks. Henderson tries for a takedown and gets it. Franklin's in full guard with his head back against the fence. Henderson tries to pass guard and Franklin turns his backside toward the fence to defend it. Henderson looking for elbows from the top but Franklin's not giving him many openings. Franklin's cut is opened back up. Franklin scrambles for an armbar and Henderson reacts with a heavy fist from above, as the round ends. 10-9 Henderson.

Round 3: Franklin's landing a lot of fists, but Henderson is standing his ground and connects with a right. Henderson takes Franklin down again, with Franklin near the cage. Franklin looks for a triangle while Henderson looks to pound him out. Franklin fights back to his feet and bodylocks Henderson against the fence. Henderson breaks out of it. Franklin with a body kick and a left hook. Franklin with a left and a body kick, followed by a takedown attempt. Henderson looks a bit tired, but not totally gassed. Henderson slips while throwing a head kick and Franklin gets in a few free punches while Henderson stands up. Henderson inadvertantly pokes Franklin in the eye during an exchange and Franklin falls to the mat in pain. Referee Dan Miragliotta informs Franklin he doesn't get five minutes to recover, because that's only for a groin strike. Miragliotta asks UFC's Marc Ratner how much recovery time to allow, and it's two minutes. Franklin's ready to go, so they circle again. Franklin with a low kick. Henderson throws a right hand, and they finish the fight swinging. 10-9 Franklin, so I'd score the bout 29-28 Henderson.

Winner: Dan Henderson defeats Rich Franklin via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28) after three rounds.

I don't know how you call that fight 30-27 for Franklin, but apparently one judge saw it that way.

Henderson said he's looking forward to coaching The Ultimate Fighter against Michael Bisping, who he will then fight after the season ends.

"I think it's right up my alley," Henderson said.

The silver lining in all of this is that Franklin wanted to stay at light heavyweight, and a win here would have put him at middleweight again to fight Bisping. Franklin also wasn't thrilled with the idea of coaching The Ultimate Fighter again, but since he lost, he won't have to worry about it.
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UFC 93 live blog on Saturday

UFC 93 weigh-ins took place earlier today. You can check here for specifics, but every fighter on the card made weight for Saturday.

For those of you planning to order UFC 93 on PPV on Saturday, remember this one's coming from Dublin, Ireland. Which means if you want to watch it live in the United States, you need to order the show at 3 p.m. ET, not the standard 10 p.m. ET UFC start time.

A tape-delay airing of UFC 93 will certainly be available from most PPV providers for those who prefer a Saturday night gathering for UFC events. But if you prefer to watch the fights live, you should clear your schedule on Saturday afternoon.

And if you're planning to order a replay of the event and want to avoid spoilers, here's fair warning: I'll be live-blogging UFC 93 on Saturday, so if you come to CBSSports.com any time after 3 p.m. ET, you'll find results for every single fight, including round-by-round analysis of the main card.

This is one of those shows that could turn out to be really good despite not being terribly important in the grand scheme of things. None of the fights -- not even Henderson vs. Franklin -- look to have an immediate impact on any UFC championship, yet the odds are still very good that we'll see some drama.

Henderson vs. Franklin could be a great fight, as could Lytle vs. Davis. I'm not sure what to think about Coleman vs. Rua for multiple reasons (Coleman's age, possible cage rust for both men, Rua returning from injury, etc.). But every unanswered question is another reason to be interested in a fight, so I guess that's a good thing.

See you on Saturday between 2-3 p.m. ET for our live UFC 93 blog.
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UFC 88 live results: Franklin vs. Hamill

Here we go: Rich "Ace" Franklin returns to light heavyweight and faces Matt Hamill.

Round 1: They circle to start, both looking to strike. Hamill with a leg kick setting up a jab. Franklin answers with leg kicks. Very little activity as they're both being cautious. Franklin is working inside leg kicks and body shots. Franklin is cut near his right eye. With a minute left, Franklin throws a combo and Hamill shoots for the takedown. Franklin goes for an armbar and Hamill avoids it, but the attempt gives Franklin an opening to get back to his feet as the round ends. Very close round, which I'd give to Franklin due to getting the better of the standup, since Hamill waited a long time to attempt a takedown and couldn't do anything with it once he got it.

Round 2: Franklin throws a leg kick and Hamill catches it, but Franklin pulls it away. Franklin with a nice combo. Referee Mario Yamasaki stops the fight to examine Franklin's cut, which isn't bleeding too bad at tme moment, but is in a potentially bad spot. The fight resumes and Franklin works the inside leg kicks even more. Franklin catches Hamill in the groin and the fight is stopped again to allow Hamill to recover, which he does quickly. They clinch against the fence and trade knees to the body. They separate and Franklin works more punch and kick combos. Franklin isn't landing any crushing blows, but he's consistently picking Hamill apart with these strikes and he's landing a good percentage of them. Hamill catches Franklin's leg on a leg kick but can't hold onto it, as Franklin shakes it away and throws more strikes. Franklin with a flying knee and the round ends. 10-9 Franklin (20-18 through Round 2), as the steady striking attack is starting to take a toll on Hamill.

Round 3:
Franklin with a knee and Hamill answers with a combo. Franklin connects with a hard body kick that puts Hamill on the mat. He's in big trouble, as he immediately covers up and eats a couple of punches before the referee waves it off.

Winner: Rich Franklin defeats Matt Hamill via TKO due to strikes at 39 seconds of Round 3.

"I always walk around with a black eye anyway, so this isn't much worse," Franklin said about the cut near his eye.

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