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Posted on: September 19, 2009 10:07 pm
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UFC 103 live results: Griffin vs. Franca

Tyson Griffin vs. Hermes Franca is up next. This was originally scheduled as a standard lightweight bout, but prior to the weighins, Franca cut a deal to make it a catchweight bout at 159, since he knew he was significantly over the 155-pound limit.

Round 1: Hermes went with the purple hair this time. Griffin with a leg kick. Franca is looking a little softer around the middle than normal, which might be a factor if the fight goes long against a guy with Griffin's conditioning. Griffin with a nice outside leg kick. Griffin throws hands and Franca covers up well. Griffin with a left jab and Franca ducks it. Griffin with a high kick, which Franca blocks. Franca is looking for the big overhand and being patient while defending Griffin's strikes, but Griffin is the aggressor so far. They trade combos with nobody getting the better of it. Double jab by Griffin finds the mark. Crowd is starting to boo the stalemate. Griffin with a straight right. Griffin lands an overhand right but there wasn't much on it. Griffin sticking and moving now as the round ends. 10-9 Griffin based on being the aggressor, since neither guy has the other in any danger yet.

Round 2: Franca whiffs on an overhand right but lands an uppercut. Griffin with a jab. Franca unloads with a serious flurry of fists. Griffin answers back, but Franca is coming alive right now. Franca catches Griffin's leg on a kick and throws three consecutive overhand rights that miss. He might be going for that too often. Griffin ducks in with a jab. Overhand right by Griffin. Head kick by Griffin is blocked. Franca misses on a big uppercut. Franca misses another haymaker. Griffin stuns Franca with a straight right and Franca goes down, but he's not out. Griffin hammers away from the top as Franca tries to hook the leg and try for a submission. Griffin steps out of it and keeps going Donkey Kong on Franca until he goes limp.

Winner: Tyson Griffin defeats Hermes Franca via knockout at 3:26 of Round 2.
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Sherk not interested in fighting Stevenson

In speaking with former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk on Monday for a feature on the Round 5 MMA action figure line, Sherk also touched on a few fight-related issues.

Sherk has not heard anything yet about his next opponent, following his win over Tyson Griffin at UFC 90 on Oct. 25. After Kenny Florian defeated Joe Stevenson at UFC 91 on Nov. 15 -- earning a title shot at BJ Penn in the process -- speculation was that Stevenson may fight Sherk, in a battle of the last two fighters to lose to Penn in lightweight title bouts. If Sherk gets his way, a fight with Stevenson isn't happening.

Sean Sherk (UFC)"You know, he just got beat," Sherk said. "If he would have won that fight with Kenny, then yeah, I would have loved to fight Joe. I was asking for that fight too. But being that he got beat by Kenny, I don't want to fight a guy that's coming off a loss. That doesn't help me or benefit my career at all. I need to fight guys that have been winning fights. By him getting beat by Kenny, who I beat, it wouldn't be a very good business move, I don't think."

Sherk is only interested in fighting the absolute best, he said -- no newcomers, no gatekeepers, and certainly nobody on a losing streak.

"I want to fight another guy that's got a resume like mine," Sherk said. "I want to fight a top contender, a guy that's got a big resume who I'm gonna benefit from fighting. I'm not interested in fighting up-and-comers. I'm not interested in fighting guys that don't have the resumes, that haven't fought in main events, that haven't fought and beaten world-class fighters. That doesn't interest me."

"I've been in this industry for nine years," Sherk continued. "I've won world titles. I've been ranked top in the world for for many, many, many years and I've got 41 professional fights. For me, it's about creating a legacy. And I just want to fight guys that are going to help me step forward in this industry. That's the reason why I asked for the Tyson Griffin fight, you know. I actually asked for that fight. I looked at the division and I thought Tyson Griffin was the top guy at that time. I looked at him as the number one contender. So that's the guy I wanted to fight. Now I look at the division and there's only a couple guys out there right now that have the resume that I have, and those are the guys that I want to beat."

In a separate interview with Sherk published today by CBSSports.com contributor Sam Caplan on his website FiveOuncesOfPain.com, Sherk said he'd welcome a rematch with Florian, but doesn't think it will be offered.

Sherk defeated Florian to win the vacant lightweight title in October 2006. He defended the belt successfully one time -- a unanimous decision win over Hermes Franca in July 2007, in a bout that saw both Franca and Sherk test positive for banned substances. Franca admitted his usage and apologized for it, but Sherk maintained his innocence and sought to prove his case with the California State Athletic Commission.

The chain of events that followed have been widely reported and heavily scrutinized, with Sherk feeling he didn't get a fair shake from the commission, and the CSAC seemingly prolonging the process while admitting to not even handling Sherk's paperwork in a timely manner. Sherk was stripped of his title, which wound up in the hands of Penn in January.

Recently, CSAC head Armando Garcia resigned from his position amid mounting criticism and accusations of everything from mishandling funds to inter-office harrassment. While Sherk feels Garcia was a large part of the problem with the CSAC, he said the commission has a long way to go in winning back his trust. In the aftermath of his suspension hearings, Sherk said he never wanted to fight in California again for the way he felt they mistreated him. Despite Garcia's departure from the CSAC, Sherk would still prefer to steer clear of California.

"To be honest with you, I'm still not interested," Sherk said. "There's more problems there than just one. Armando was the big problem obviously, and there's other people there that are a problem too. They've got a lot of housecleaning to do. There's a reason why nobody wants to fight there. It's not just me, a lot of fighters don't want to fight there. The UFC has not been there since July of '07, and there's a reason for that. So that being said, I'm still just not interested in going back to California. Time will tell. I think there's a lot of cleaning house to do, and there's some things that need to be corrected."
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UFC 90 live results: Sherk vs. Griffin

The first fight of the live card pits former UFC lightweight champion Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk against rising 155er Tyson Griffin.

Round 1: Sherk throws a couple of hooks then shoots in for a takedown. Griffin unloads with a combination to try to hurt Sherk on the takedown attempt but Sherk follows through. Sherk briefly takes Griffin's back before Griffin shakes him off and gets back to his feet. Sherk gets the better of an exchange of fists and then takes a leg, going for another takedown. Griffin sprawls and then uses a pair of knees to the body, but Sherk muscles him down. Griffin fights back to his feet again. Sherk with fists, Griffin using leg kicks more often. Griffin tries a head kick and follows with a right hand, but neither do much damage. Griffin shoots for a takedown and Sherk stuffs it, then scrambles to Griffin's back. Sherk looks for a rear naked choke as Griffin stands, and Sherk has to let it go. Griffin with a body kick and a left hook. Sherk answers with a combination of fists. The round ends, and I score it 10-9 Sherk for the takedowns, and maybe a slight edge in the striking. Good fight so far.

Round 2: Griffin has a cut on his eyebrow. Sherk shoots again and gets the takedown, but Griffin is right back up. Sherk makes him eat a fist as he gets to his feet. Griffin moves toward Sherk to get away from the cage. Sherk getting the better of the punching exchanges again. Griffin lands another body kick. Griffin starts throwing body punches. Nice leg kick by Griffin. Sherk is now bleeding from the nose. Griffin starts landing punch combos to the head now and the crowd is getting into it. Griffin slows down a bit and both guys are throwing jabs. Sherk shoots in but can't take him down this time. They take turns cracking each other with nice punch combos. The round ends and Griffin looks a little fatigued, but Sherk unsurprisingly looks fresh (other than the damage to his face). Very even round, but I might give it to Griffin 10-9.

Round 3: Griffin cracks Sherk with a right hand. Sherk answers with a left. Sherk with a muay thai clinch and throws a couple of quick knees to the head. Sherk with an uppercut and a straight left. Sherk suckers Griffin into a left uppercut. Sherk throws a knee and Griffin snaps his head back with a straight right. Sherk throws more combos. This has turned into a kickboxing match, and only because Griffin is throwing an occasional kick between Sherk's combos and his own strikes. They pick up the pace with 30 seconds left but neither guy can finish it. I would give Round 3 to Griffin 10-9, and therefore the win to Griffin, 29-28. But Round 2 was pretty even, so assuming Sherk wins Round 1, this one could go either way without much controversy.

Winner: Sean Sherk defeats Tyson Griffin via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) after three rounds.

"Tyson fights a lot like me, except he's 10 years younger than I am," Sherk said after the decision.

The crowd appears to think Griffin should have won the decision, as there is some audible booing.

"It was a close fight," he added. "I did feel confident that I won the fight though."

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UFC 81 live results: Tibau vs. Griffin

Tyson Griffin vs. Gleison Tibau kicks off the show.

Round 1: The fight started sort of slow with some standup. Tibau had Griffin against the fence for a bit, but about three minutes in, they went back to striking and Griffin landed several nice shots. Tibau took him down but couldn't go anywhere with it. I'd give it to Griffin 10-9 on account of the striking.

Round 2: More nice striking by Griffin and Tibau has a bloody nose. Griffin's also mixing in some body kicks. Tibau takes Griffin down again but Griffin is up almost immediately. I give it to Griffin again, 10-9. Tibau can't do anything with Griffin on the mat but he's losing the standup, too.

Round 3: Tibau needs to finish Griffin to win at this point, which is a pretty tall order. Tibau takes Griffin down again. He takes head and arm control in half guard and nearly gets swept, so he settles back into Griffin's full guard. Griffin escapes and we're standing again. Griffin with a body shot and Tibau takes him down. Griffin gets up immediately and lands more strikes. Griffin has Tibau against the fence with a body lock. They break with a few seconds left. Griffin 10-9, and I think anything but a unanimous decision here would be a shocker.

Winner: Tyson Griffin defeats Gleison Tibau via unanimous decision (30-27 across the board).
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UFC 81 weigh-in results & notes

Every fighter on the card for Saturday's UFC 81 made weight on Friday.

Also, a reminder that we'll be live blogging the UFC 81 PPV tomorrow night. Check back around 9:45 p.m. ET for the updates to begin.

The weigh-in results:

Main card:

Tim Sylvia -- 261
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira -- 237


Sylvia actually got cheered by the crowd, and seemed genuinely happy about it when Joe Rogan mentioned it. "I couldn't believe it," he said. "What's going on?"

Rogan created an awkward moment when he started to ask Sylvia about the chance to become the first three-time heavyweight champion in UFC history. Sylvia grinned and shook his head "no." Rogan then looked around confused. "Randy is?"

Frank Mir -- 255
Brock Lesnar -- 265

Mir looked very subdued on his way to the scale. Lesnar and Mir didn't butt heads, but they didn't shake hands either.

Jeremy Horn -- 185
Nate Marquardt -- 185

Ricardo Almeida -- 185
Rob Yundt -- 185

Gleison Tibau -- 156
Tyson Griffin -- 155


Chris Lytle -- 170
Kyle Bradley -- 170

David Heath -- 205
Tim Boetsch -- 205

Marvin Eastman -- 185
Terry Martin -- 186

Eastman butted heads lightly with Martin, who returned the pleasantries with a shove.

Keita Nakamura -- 155
Rob Emerson -- 155
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