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UFC 103 live results: Franklin vs. Belfort

The main event is up next, as Rich "Ace" Franklin fights returning UFC veteran Vitor Belfort at a catchweight of 195 pounds. Interesting to note that Belfort -- who had been fighting at 185 with seemingly little difficulty -- actually needed more than one try to make 195 for this fight.

Round 1: Belfort with a fast leg kick. Franklin with a more tentative leg kick of his own. Franklin whiffs on a looping right hand and almost eats a straight left. These guys are showing lots of caution and respect for their opponent's standup. Belfort throws a teep kick to the body that misses. Franklin with a teep. Franklin misses a pair of looping fists and Belfort counters with a jab. Franklin throws again and gets countered with a right jab and a left hook that stuns him. Franklin goes down to his knees and Belfort keeps pounding away on a face-down Franklin until the referee waves it off. Franklin wasn't knocked out completely, but he was definitely no longer defending himself. Unless putting your face flat on the canvas is considered smart defense.

Winner: Vitor Belfort
defeats Rich Franklin via knockout at 3:02 of Round 1.

Belfort was very gracious after the win, thanking God, his family, and Franklin for taking the fight. Franklin was still somewhat out of it during the postfight interview with Rogan, and he said he didn't exactly know what shot dazed him first but he expected to start piecing it together once he regained his wits.

This is a major validation for Belfort, who has been on an impressive comeback outside of the UFC. Due to his history of inconsistent performances, there were going to be questions about whether his comeback would translate to the big leagues. But a KO over a top fighter like Franklin will go a long way toward convincing his detractors that Belfort still has lots of gas left in his tank. He seems more level-headed and at peace these days, and that is showing up in his performances in the cage.

When asked the inevitable question about whether he'd like to fight Anderson Silva for the middleweight title, Belfort said Silva was a friend of his, but that if Dana White and the UFC wanted him to fight Silva, he would fight anyone.
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UFC 103 live results: Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos

Mirko Cro Cop battles fellow heavyweight striker Junior Dos Santos next. Dos Santos is young and has yet to taste defeat in the UFC.

Dos Santos enters the arena to the Rocky theme. Cro Cop enters, of course, to "Wild Boys" by Duran Duran.

Round 1: Dos Santos has a mean look in his eyes. He rushes in quickly and puts Cro Cop against the fence but he doesn't actually land any strikes of note. They face off again and Dos Santos throws a quick right. Cro Cop throws a left head kick that gets blocked. Cro Cop ties up with Dos Santos briefly and Dos Santos uses the chance to unleash a barrage of close-range strikes. Cro Cop covers up, but the onslaught ends. Cro Cop with a body lock but he can't do anything with it. Uppercut by Dos Santos. Cro Cop ties up Dos Santos again and the Texas crowd starts chanting for Cro Cop. Cro Cop tries to throw Dos Santos to the ground with the body lock but it backfires and he briefly winds up beneath Dos Santos. He gets up quickly. Cro Cop with a left hook that seems to stun Dos Santos for a split second. Dos Santos is cut near his right eye. The round ends, and it's pretty even. Dos Santos is trying to be the aggressor but Cro Cop is doing the right things to defend, and doing damage in the process. 10-9 Cro Cop.

Round 2: Dos Santos with a right hand. Cro Cop with a leg kick, and on cue, Dos Santos assaults him with a flurry of fists. Cro Cop hangs in there and engages him, then body locks to regain control of the pace. Dos Santos with a nice uppercut. Uppercut by Dos Santos is countered by a right hook. Cro Cop swings and misses with that patented left high kick. Dos Santos with an uppercut and a right. Cro Cop looks to be tiring. They tie up and Cro Cop knees Dos Santos in the gut. Right hook by Dos Santos is ducked by Cro Cop. Dos Santos keeps trying for that uppercut, and I think Cro Cop has it scouted at this point. But he still may not be able to dodge it forever if he gets tired. Low blow by Cro Cop and the ref gives Dos Santos time to walk it off. Dos Santos with a big right hand. Cro Cop is now cut over his left eye. The round ends, and I score it 10-9 Dos Santos.

Round 3: Cro Cop with a nice left hand. And a left jab for good measure. Right uppercut by Dos Santos. A pair of Muay Thai knees by Dos Santos. Cro Cop with a left, Dos Santos answers with a right. Dos Santos is smacking Cro Cop around now with knees and fists. Cro Cop is hurt. In a strange finish, Dos Santos turns away from Cro Cop and celebrates. The referee (and the audience) seem to not realize the fight is over, until Cro Cop tells him he can't see. The referee waves it off. On the replay, Dos Santos smashed Cro Cop with a right uppercut to the eye socket, and you can see Cro Cop immediately grab that area with his hand.

Winner: Junior Dos Santos defeats Mirko Cro Cop via verbal submission due to strikes at 2:00 of Round 3.

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UFC 103 live results: Kampmann vs. Daley

Potential welterweight title contender Martin "The Hitman" Kampmann fights the debuting -- but experienced -- Paul "Semtex" Daley next. Daley stepped in for Mike Swick, who pulled out of the fight with Kampmann due to injury. Daley is a major knockout threat, but on the ground, this one should be all Kampmann. We'll see.

Round 1: They both throw combos as soon as they get within range, but neither of them lands anything. They start connecting with Daley landing more. Uppercut by Daley. Quick exchanges every time they get close. Daley with a right. They clinch and Kampmann lands a knee. Daley with a left hook as they separate and another left, and Kampmann gets on his bicycle, clearly hurt. Daley rushes in and pummels with a series of punches, and referee Yves Lavigne waves it off with Kampmann still standing, but in trouble. Kampmann protests the stoppage. This one is a little more debatable than the Koscheck stoppage since Kampmann wasn't completely out yet.

Winner: Paul Daley defeats Martin Kampmann via TKO due to strikes at 2:31 of Round 1.

Daley says afterward that he thought it was the correct call. It may have been, and there's a chance that if it went a few seconds longer Kampmann would have been toast. But Kampmann's a pretty tough dude, and given that he didn't even hit the canvas (yet), I think they could have at least let it go that far.

Then again, the referees are there to protect the fighters. If they err on the side of safety once in a while, that's better than occasionally erring on the side of tragedy, right?

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UFC 103 live results: Koscheck vs. Trigg

Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg returns to the UFC, but he's got a tall order in front of him right out of the gate, fighting Josh Koscheck at welterweight. This is Kos' first fight since his upset KO loss to Paulo Thiago earlier this year.

Trigg enters the arena to "Mama Said Knock You Out." I guess he saw that Thiago fight. Trigg looks almost giddy, smiling and waving at people in the Octagon. This guy is happy to be home. Will he still be happy in 20 minutes?

Round 1: Trigg moves forward, trying to pick his shots. Koscheck takes a few big swings to keep Trigg honest. Trigg connects on a strong right hand. Koscheck backs up a bit to regroup. Koscheck lands a huge right hand to the jaw that drops Trigg to his backside against the fence. Koscheck smashes away at him with a few uppercuts before the referee stops it. It definitely looked like a good stoppage, but Trigg got right back up and shoved the referee, complaining about the stoppage. I guess you could debate whether he was really hurt badly or not, but he also wasn't defending himself intelligently, and when a guy of Koscheck's ability is hammering your face with everything he has, and you're just eating them with no defense, the ref is going to step in. Good stoppage.

Winner: Josh Koscheck defeats Frank Trigg via TKO due to strikes at 1:25 of Round 1.

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UFC 103 live results: Griffin vs. Franca

Tyson Griffin vs. Hermes Franca is up next. This was originally scheduled as a standard lightweight bout, but prior to the weighins, Franca cut a deal to make it a catchweight bout at 159, since he knew he was significantly over the 155-pound limit.

Round 1: Hermes went with the purple hair this time. Griffin with a leg kick. Franca is looking a little softer around the middle than normal, which might be a factor if the fight goes long against a guy with Griffin's conditioning. Griffin with a nice outside leg kick. Griffin throws hands and Franca covers up well. Griffin with a left jab and Franca ducks it. Griffin with a high kick, which Franca blocks. Franca is looking for the big overhand and being patient while defending Griffin's strikes, but Griffin is the aggressor so far. They trade combos with nobody getting the better of it. Double jab by Griffin finds the mark. Crowd is starting to boo the stalemate. Griffin with a straight right. Griffin lands an overhand right but there wasn't much on it. Griffin sticking and moving now as the round ends. 10-9 Griffin based on being the aggressor, since neither guy has the other in any danger yet.

Round 2: Franca whiffs on an overhand right but lands an uppercut. Griffin with a jab. Franca unloads with a serious flurry of fists. Griffin answers back, but Franca is coming alive right now. Franca catches Griffin's leg on a kick and throws three consecutive overhand rights that miss. He might be going for that too often. Griffin ducks in with a jab. Overhand right by Griffin. Head kick by Griffin is blocked. Franca misses on a big uppercut. Franca misses another haymaker. Griffin stuns Franca with a straight right and Franca goes down, but he's not out. Griffin hammers away from the top as Franca tries to hook the leg and try for a submission. Griffin steps out of it and keeps going Donkey Kong on Franca until he goes limp.

Winner: Tyson Griffin defeats Hermes Franca via knockout at 3:26 of Round 2.
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UFC 103 live results: Escudero vs. Miller

TUF Season 8 lightweight winner Efrain Escudero battles American Top Team-trained Cole Miller.

Round 1: Miller already using his length advantage by throwing kicks to keep Escudero at a distance. Inside leg kick by Miller. Miller with an outside kick and Escudero catches his leg and hits him with two right hands. Miller falls to his back as if to pull guard, but Escudero lets him up. Miller with a nice right hand. Escudero with a leg kick. Spinning back kick by Miller misses the mark. Miller with an uppercut, which gets blocked. Miller with more kicks. Escudero picks Miller up high into the air and slams him, which gets a cheer. Escudero wobbles Miller a bit with a left hook counterstrike, then blasts him with a right to the jaw that puts Miller's lights out. That's a nice win for Escudero. A few more punches on the ground make it official.

Winner: Efrain Escudero defeated Cole Miller via knockout at 3:36 of Round 1.
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UFC 103 live results: McFedries vs. Drwal

First up is Drew McFedries vs. Tomasz Drwal at middleweight. Should be a slugfest.

Round 1: Drwal went for leg kicks early and McFedries tried to counter with uppercuts, but missed. Drwal got him to the canvas but McFedries powers back to his feet. Drwal with a waistlock and knees to the thigh to punish McFedries. They finally separate and throw more leather. McFedries leans in with a wide one-two combo that doesn't really connect. They stand in the pocket and duke it out for a few seconds, but nobody gets a major edge. Drwal with a nice straight right to the jaw. Drwal takes him down again and tries some ground and pound while standing over him. Drwal gets full mount and hammers away. He puts the hooks in and tries for a rear naked choke as time expires. 10-9 Drwal.

Round 2: McFedries looks gassed out already. Drwal pushes forward with some fists and then takes McFedries to the canvas again. Drwal back to full mount and then gets McFedries' back. A rear naked choke gets the tapout, and Drwal takes the win. Man, McFedries just wasn't the same here.

Winner: Tomasz Drwal def. Drew McFedries via submission to a rear naked choke at 1:03 of Round 2.
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