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UFC 106 live results: Ortiz vs. Griffin

Tito Ortiz returns from his 18-month layoff and back surgery to try and grab his first win since Ken Shamrock in 2006, fighting Forrest Griffin in a rematch from UFC 59.

Griffin is typically a major fan favorite, although his recent losses (and postfight behavior) have raised some questions. Ortiz will always have detractors due to his attitude, but he's a better fighter than some people like to admit. His biggest obstacle will possibly be cage rust, stamina or his back. Even if he's fully healed, people don't always move the same after a surgery of that nature, particularly people who fight or grapple for a living.

Griffin is entering the arena to Chumbawamba. I guess Anderson Silva must have knocked him all the way back to 1998. Ortiz has gone back to "Mosh" by Eminem for his entrance music.

Round 1: Griffin lands a few close jabs. Ortiz misses on an exchange. Griffin head kick is blocked. Ortiz head kick is also blocked. Inside leg kick by Ortiz. Ortiz lands a jab and Griffin misses an overhand right counter. Ortiz takes Griffin down and starts grounding and pounding from Griffin's guard. Ortiz with punches to the ribs and jaw. Griffin takes a kimura and uses it to try and sweep. Griffin gets to his feet with his back to the fence. Ortiz with a knee to the ribs from a body lock. Griffin with a knee to the body. They separate and square off. Outside leg kick by Griffin but the follow-up haymaker misses. Griffin gets the better of an exchange. Ortiz with a takedown shot, but Griffin defends it. Ortiz checks a kick. Griffin uses a leg kick to try and set up a boxing combo, but Ortiz has it well scouted. teep kick by Griffin. The round ends, and it's close, but I'd probably call it 10-9 Ortiz based on the takedown and the damage he did with ground and pound.

Round 2: Griffin lands a fist and Ortiz answers with one that staggers an off-balance Griffin. Griffin throws the outside leg kick, but Ortiz was waiting for it. He catches the leg and takes Griffin down. Griffin takes guard and avoids any real damage from ground and pound before fighting his way to his feet. Ortiz with a jab, Griffin misses the counterpunch. Ortiz ducks a Superman punch, but Griffin lands a teep kick that actually hits Ortiz in the jaw. Griffin with a jab. Ortiz with a takedown, and Griffin nearly sweeps with the butterfly guard, but Ortiz keeps position. Ortiz with minimal ground and pound as Griffin is struggling to escape. Griffin is bleeding underneath both eyes, on his cheekbones. Tons of blood. Griffin reverses to Ortiz's half guard and throws elbows to the jaw and fists to the ribs. The round ends, and it's 10-9 Ortiz, but still close. Either round could probably be scored for either guy at this point, but I think Ortiz is doing the most damage.

Round 3: Griffin goes back to the leg kicks again. Griffin with a boxing combo, but Ortiz blocks the punches. Griffin is very actively throwing, but not really doing much damage as Ortiz looks to be preserving his energy right now. Griffin tags Ortiz with a right hook and a kick that gets blocked. Leg kick by Griffin. Griffin with the fists-and-feet combo again but every shot is either dodged or blocked by Ortiz. Ortiz tries for a takedown, but Griffin stuffs it. Griffin with fists up the middle that connect. Griffin tags him with a good jab. High kick by Griffin is blocked, but Griffin nails him with a follow-up fist. Ortiz seems to be gassed, and in defense mode right now. Leg kick by Griffin. Ortiz finally puts a combo together without anything serious landing. Griffin with a fist-leg kick combo that connects. Ortiz with a takedown attempt that is blocked, followed by a leg kick of his own. Griffin with a right hand. Ortiz's hands look really heavy. The round ends, and it's clearly 10-9 Griffin. My scorecard has Ortiz winning 29-28, but with the first two rounds being close, I could see Griffin winning, possibly all three rounds.

Winner: Forrest Griffin defeats Tito Ortiz via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28) after three rounds.

Griffin told Joe Rogan after the fight that this is a great win for him, and that in his last fight, Anderson Silva "broke me." He also said you could tell Tito was a guy that was coming off back surgery and was prepared to fight Mark Coleman -- "no offense" -- and that he'd like to have a rubber fight with Ortiz at some point.

Ortiz said he came into the fight unable to spar much at all due to a bulging disc in his back -- yes, the same back he just had repaired. The crowd booed, as they usually do when losing fighters discuss the injuries they bring into the cage. Ortiz lost his cool, taking off his hat and pointing to the black eye he also wore into the cage tonight. He told the crowd he'd like to see anyone fight with a cracked skull like he did, and that he never backs out of a fight even when he's injured. Griffin grabbed the mic and backed him up, telling the crowd that it turns out that when you train to fight somebody, you often get hurt. Everybody chilled out once Griffin stepped in, but they weren't buying it from Ortiz, for some reason.

All in all, Ortiz still has some questions to answer regarding the durability of his back, especially if he's still dealing with bulging discs. After an 18-month layoff, it's hard to fault the guy too much for gassing in Round 3, but it's also fair to point out that he needs to correct that problem if he's going to keep fighting at this level.

As for Griffin, he desperately needed this win, which probably helped restore his confidence and some of the faith fans might have lost in him over the past 12 months.

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UFC 106 live results: Koscheck vs. Johnson

Josh Koscheck fights Anthony "Rumble" Johnson at welterweight... and yes, Johnson made the welterweight limit this time.

Koscheck has an incredible wrestling base, but he's developed enough confidence in his standup that he doesn't use the wrestling as often as he used to. With Johnson known as a knockout artist, I wonder if Koscheck will tempt fate by duking it out with him, or play it safe by instigating a ground battle.

Round 1: Both guys looking to close the distance. Koscheck with a left hook. Johnson with a head kick, which gets blocked. Koscheck throws the looping overand right that he loves so much, and misses. Johnson with a hard jab. Inside leg kick by Johnson. Koscheck ducks in and gets caught with a fist while off-balance. Johnson moves forward and lands a straight right. Koscheck tries a takedown from a body lock, but Johnson defends it. Koscheck stands and tries to throw him, but Johnson sprawls. Johnson breaks free and lands a knee strike to Koscheck's eye while he is clearly kneeing on the ground, which is very illegal. The referee stops the fight to check on Koscheck, who looks hurt. It was probably inadvertant on Johnson's part, as doing something like that on purpose is grounds for serious punishment. A slo-mo replay shows that Johnson grazed him with the knee, but the real damage was that Johnson's finger poked Koscheck in the eye afterward, and Kos is complaining more about his vision right now than the knee strike.

After a lengthy stoppage where the doctors looked pretty concerned about Koscheck's vision, he says he's OK and the fight resumes. They exchange fists. Johnson with an outside leg kick. Koscheck with a single leg attempt and Johnson sprawls well, but Koscheck fights to complete it. Koscheck has Johnson's back but is having trouble getting the hooks in. Koscheck gets one hook in and tries for a rear naked choke, which Johnson escapes as the round ends. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2: They stand and trade with neither guy getting a clear advantage. This time, Koscheck pokes Johnson in the eye. Johnson ducks an overhand right and gets hit with a high kick instead. He ducks another overhand. Jab by Koscheck, and a right hand apparently catches Johnson in the eye. AGAIN. Either Koscheck is giving him a receipt here, or or this is just an unfortunate coincidence. Koscheck gets another big punch in before the injury stoppage to check on Johnson's eye. Anthony Johnson will be lucky to not go blind before he's 30. The fight resumes, and both guys stand in the pocket throwing bombs, many of them landing. Koscheck with a takedown. Johnson traps his leg for half guard. Koscheck with punishing short elbows from the top. Koscheck with a right to the temple. Johnson is holding on to half guard for dear life, but he's paying the price for it. Koscheck hammers away and Johnson is now bloody. Johnson turns to try and escape, and Koscheck sinks in a tight rear naked choke. Johnson taps out.

Winner: Josh Koscheck defeats Anthony Johnson via submission to a rear naked choke at 4:47 of Round 2.

"I know there's somebody here that thinks he's the No. 1 contender," Koscheck said after the win. "He thinks he's the No. 1 contender. And I think he hasn't fought anybody. And he's sitting right over there, and his name's Dan Hardy. He ain't fought nobody like me, guaranteed. I'm the No. 1 freakin' contender in this weight division. Right here. I'm fighting Georges St-Pierre in March, Dana White. You know it. February, I know you're looking for a card. Dan Hardy-Josh Koscheck sells. Let him fight right here in the States first."

Dan Hardy is shown on camera making "boo-hoo" gestures as Koscheck begs for Dana White to take away Hardy's promised shot at GSP and make him fight Kos first.

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UFC 106 live results: Thiago vs. Volkmann

Paulo Thiago fights Jacob Volkmann at welterweight.

Thiago is 1-1 in the Octagon. The win was his famous KO of Josh Koscheck, and the loss was to Jon Fitch at UFC 100. Volkmann is making his UFC debut tonight, and his nickname is "Christmas." Just in time for the holiday season.

Mike Goldberg fills us in on the nickname: His friends thought Volkmann looked like Lloyd Christmas, Jim Carrey's doofus character from Dumb & Dumber . I guess, but still... not an image that invokes fear in the hearts of opponents.

Round 1: Steve Mazaggatti is our referee. Is it me, or has his reputation nose-dived since he shaved off his '70s 'stache? Both guys come out tense and looking to strike. Thiago with a head kick. He tries for a clinch and Volkmann turns him back against the cage. Thiago heel trips Volkmann down to the canvas and assumes side control. Volkmann pulls in the leg to take half guard. Volkmann scrambles to his feet and holds Thiago's arm in a whizzer. He grapples Thiago's back to the fence again and lands a pair of fists before Thiago trips him to the mat again. Volkmann's leg bent completely backward at the knee, which looked scary, but he's OK. Volkmann takes full guard, and Thiago lets him up. Thiago with a leg kick, which Volkmann uses for a takedown attempt. Thiago sprawls and they end up dirty boxing against the fence again. Thiago with an uppercut, then he cracks Volkmann in the jaw with a left-right-left combo that sends Volkmann to the canvas. That looked like a stoppage, but the buzzer went off as Volkmann fell to the mat. He's rocked, but saved by the bell. 10-9 Thiago.

Round 2: Thiago smells blood. He's swinging with ill intent. Volkmann with an inside leg kick, but Thiago catches the leg and sweeps his other leg like a Cobra Kai heel, then punches him in the face after he falls down. Volkmann muscles Thiago into a takedown and takes side control. Thiago gets to his hands and knees while Volkmann throws fists at the side of his head. Thiago gets to his feet. A lengthy clinch ensues, and the crowd voices its displeasure. Volkmann with another takedown, with Thiago on his knees. Volkmann tries to take Thiago's back, briefly ends up with a full mount, but Thiago reverses into Volkmann's closed guard. Thiago levels Volkmann with a huge right hand from above. Volkmann trying to neutralize Thiago's arms. Left hand to the jaw by Thiago. Thiago stands up and throws another bomb down at Volkmann's jaw. It sounded like a home run shot in baseball. End of the round, and it's another 10-9 for Thiago.

Round 3: Both guys come out slow, but when they finally exchange, Thiago drops Volkmann with a fist. Thiago follows him to the canvas and passes to side control. Thiago moves to the north-south position briefly, but that allows Volkmann enough room to fight his way back to his feet. Thiago stuffs Volkmann on a takedown attempt. Volkmann tries again and gets it. Thiago turtles up and Volkmann's strikes just aren't doing a lot. Thiago rolls to his back and Volkmann puts him in a crucifix and starts pounding at his head. Thiago gets out of the position and as Volkmann tries to take his back, he slips and ends up on his own back. Thiago passes Volkmann's guard and ends up in a D'Arce choke, but Thiago escapes. The round is over, and so is the fight. 10-9 Volkmann for the final round, so I give the fight 29-28 to Thiago.

Winner: Paulo Thiago defeats Jacob Volkmann via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) after three rounds.

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UFC 106 live results: Cane vs. Nogueira

Up next is Luis Arthur Cane vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at light heavyweight.

For those unaware, this is the twin brother of former UFC interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. They have different middle names (Rogerio, Rodrigo) and nicknames (Minotoro, Minotauro, and also "Little Nog" and "Big Nog"), despite both being named Antonio Nogueira.

Cane is on a three-fight win streak, with his only UFC loss coming via DQ in 2007 for using an illegal knee strike. Nogueira, making his UFC debut tonight, is looking for his sixth straight win. He's got his brother, and also Anderson Silva, in his corner.

Round 1: Both fighters in the southpaw stance. Nogueira looking for the jab. Cane whiffs on a straight right. A pair of straight lefts by Nogueira connect. Nogueira with a countering left hand that rocks Cane. Cane moves back in and connects with a fist, but Nogueira tags him twice more with that left hand, and rushes in with more strikes. Another big left drops Cane to the mat, and the referee waves it off.

Winner: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira defeats Luis Cane via TKO due to strikes at 1:56 of Round 1.

Little Nog has arrived, and the light heavyweight division just got that much deeper.
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UFC 106 live results: Sadollah vs. Baroni

Ultimate Fighter winner Amir Sadollah is up next, fighting the "New York Bad Ass" Phil Baroni in Baroni's return to the UFC.

Sadollah lost quickly via TKO to Johny Hendricks in his last bout at UFC 101, in what many viewed as a premature stoppage. Baroni is almost exclusively a heavy puncher. He's got tons of charisma, but is not known for having a very good gas tank, nor a very diverse skill set. But against a rookie like Sadollah, that might not play much of a factor.

Round 1: Baroni moves in fast with close-range punches. Sadollah takes a Muay Thai clinch and throws some knees. Baroni muscles him against the fence. Baroni working fists from the body lock while Sadollah keeps throwing knees, some of them connecting. Sadollah now has Baroni against the fence but Baroni is working the dirty boxing, then uses a Muay Thai clinch to reverse Sadollah to the cage. Sadollah goes back to the knees to the ribs. Baroni with a takedown. He postures up and starts some ground and pound but Sadollah's neutralizing his arms. Baroni lands some shots from above. Sadollah tries to take an arm and Baroni lets him up. Sadollah rushes him with combos but does no damage. Sadollah forces him to the cage and Baroni takes a front facelock. They're both landing some decent strikes from very close range. Sadollah landing more knees from clinch, as Baroni's face is bloody. Baroni takes a single leg and Sadollah defends it. Sadollah throws knees from the clinch again, landing two solid ones as the round ends. Baroni's face is a crimson mask, if I may borrow that term. 10-9 Sadollah.

Round 2: Baroni looks very gassed. Sadollah lands a leg kick and then throws some to the head. Fists by Sadollah. They lock up against the fence and Baroni lands a nice fist from close range. They Separate. Superman punch byb Sadollah. Front kicks and inside leg kick by Sadollah. Baroni's tough, but Sadollah is working him over big time here. Sadollah goes back to the Thai clinch and throws a knee. Baroni comes alive long enough to break the clinch. Head kick by Sadollah is blocked. Leg kick by Sadollah, followed by a series of jabs. Baroni's doing very little at this point, aside from surviving. Sadollah with a flying knee that doesn't really land. They tie up and Baroni lands a right hook, so Sadollah answers with an elbow to the temple. On the separation, Baroni starts throwing combos, but nothing lands. End of the round, and it's 10-9 Sadollah again.

Round 3: Leg kick by Sadollah, and then another. Baroni invites Sadollah to come forward so he does, and they trade fists. Sadollah tries a couple more knees from clinch but Baroni block both of them. Baroni throws a three-punch combo and smiles as they separate. They tie up at the fence and Sadollah works the close-range elbows again. Sadollah is also bloody at this point. They're now exchanging body punches. Leg kicks by Sadollah. Superman punch by Sadollah lands right on the button. More leg kicks and fist combos from Sadollah, followed by a head kick. Baroni's just a muscular punching bag right now. Baroni connects with a left. Baroni whiffs on a haymaker and Sadollah connects with a kick to the ribs. Sadollah ends the round with a flurry of strikes, and it's a 30-27 win for Amir on my scorecard.

Winner: Amir Sadollah defeats Phil Baroni via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) after three rounds.

Surprised to see Amir keep it standing, but you can't argue with success. He also minimized Baroni's size and strength advantage that way.

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UFC 106 live results: Saunders vs. Davis

Ben Saunders fights "The Irish Hand Grenade" Marcus Davis at welterweight.

Saunders is trying to rebound from his first UFC loss, which came at the hands of Mike Swick at UFC 99 in June. Davis is also on the rebound, having lost to Dan Hardy at UFC 99. Both guys like to stand and trade. There could be fireworks here.

Round 1: Davis comes in swinging and Saunders takes a Muay Thai clinch and starts crushing him with knees to the ribs. He destroyed Brandon Wolff that way a couple fights ago. Davis forces Saunders' back to the cage. Dirty boxing by Davis but Saunders is relentless with those knees from clinch. Davis is already bloody, but he's a bleeder anyway. Saunders with more knees from the clinch. Davis pushes off and they separate. Leg kick by Davis, followed by some fists. Saunders with another Muay Thai clinch. Saunders throws four more knees from the clinch, and the fourth one knocks Davis out.

A very big win for Saunders, and that is the first time in his 22 career fights that any opponent has knocked out Marcus Davis.

Winner: Ben Saunders defeats Marcus Davis via knockout due to a knee from the clinch at 3:24 of Round 1.

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UFC 106 live results: Grove vs. Rosholt

Up first is Kendall "Da Spyder" Grove vs. Jake Rosholt at middleweight.

This is a tought one to call, due to Rosholt's chin and his wrestling. But in terms of experience and skill, not to mention reach, Grove has the advantage on paper.

Round 1: Grove holds Rosholt at bay to start, throwing jabs with those freakishly long arms. Rosholt closes the distance and slams Grove with a high-angle takedown. Grove works his way up to one knee and Rosholt holds on from behind. Grove uses wrist control to force his way out of the body lock. Grove with knees to the body while Rosholt's back is to the cage. Rosholt down to the mat with Grove on top working ground and pound. Rosholt uses the cage for leverage to get back to his feet. Knee to the body, a pair of fists to the face, and a flying knee by Rosholt. Rosholt takes Grove down. Rosholt has side control and Grove pops his hips to try to sweep, and Rosholt ends up in full mount. Grove gives up his back and then turns toward Rosholt again, taking half guard. Grove sinks in an arm triangle, forcing Rosholt to tap out. Nice win for Grove.

Winner: Kendall Grove defeats Jake Rosholt via submission to an arm triangle choke at 3:59 of Round 1.

A choked-up Grove dedicates his win to his grandmother, who passed away last week.

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UFC 106 undercard results

Here are your quickie undercard results from UFC 106 in Las Vegas, for the fights not scheduled to air on television (unless they need time-filler during the broadcast):

  • Caol Uno vs. Fabricio Camoes was ruled a majority draw (29-27, 28-28, 28-28) after three rounds.
  • George Sotiropoulos defeated Jason Dent via submission to an armbar at 4:36 of Round 2.

Brock Larson vs. Brian Foster is still under way. I'll update this entry with that result when it's over.

The story behind the Uno-Camoes draw is that Camoes would have won a unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28), but he was penalized one point in Round 2 for nailing Uno in the face with an upkick when Uno's knees were down, making it an illegal strike. That one-point deduction resulted in the majority draw on judges' scorecards.

As a side note, Caol Uno is now the first Zuffa-era UFC fighter to have two draws in the Octagon (the other being his UFC 41 lightweight title bout vs. BJ Penn).

If you count pre-Zuffa UFC, Ken Shamrock is the only other fighter to have two draws (vs. Royce Gracie at UFC 5, and vs. Oleg Taktarov at UFC 7). This ends the trivia portion of tonight's festivities.


  • Brian Foster defeated Brock Larson via TKO due to strikes at 3:25 of Round 2.

Back in a few minutes with the UFC 106 live blog.
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