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Posted on: June 7, 2008 5:12 pm
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UFC 85 results: Hughes vs. Alves

The main event is up now: Matt Hughes vs. Thiago "Pitbull" Alves. This fight will take place at a catch weight of 174 pounds, since Alves missed weight by four pounds at the weigh-in yesterday.

Round 1:
Alves' right ankle is heavily taped. He goes for kicks and Hughes shoots for a takedown. Alves sprawls and Hughes pulls guard. Alves strikes and then escapes to his feet. Hughes takes Alves to the mat. Alves takes half guard. Hughes tries to improve position but it's a stalemate. Hughes tries to pass, and Alves switches to butterfly guard. Alves fights back to his feet. Hughes holds onto one leg but Alves escapes. Hughes rushes in with a strike and tries another takedown, but ends up on the bottom. Alves lands some punches from the top, while Hughes works on Alves' head with the point of his elbow. I'd give it to Hughes, 10-9, but Alves is doing well so far.

Round 2: Hughes east a knee and is now bleeing. Alves on top, working some ground and pound. Hughes scrambles to his feet and grabs for a leg. Alves escapes and blasts Hughes with a big flying knee to the head. A few punches later, the fight is over. The replay shows that when Alves catches Hughes with the knee to the head, Hughes falls with his left knee bent beneath him at a bad angle. Hughes is getting his knee checked out in his corner before the decision is announced.

Winner: Thiago Alves defeated Matt Hughes via TKO due to strikes at 1:02 of Round 2.

Alves apologizes to UFC management in his postfight interview for missing weight, explaining that he sprained his ankle days before the fight and was unable to run to cut weight.

Hughes was walking on his own power with a slight limp. He didn't speculate on what happened to his knee. Hughes gave credit to Alves for being a tough fighter, and then told Joe Rogan he had one more fight -- and a very specific opponent -- in his future.

"I got one more fight left in me," Hughes said, "and Matt Serra needs to come up with a game plan now. I'll tell you that."
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UFC 85 results: Day vs. Bisping

Jason Day faces "England's own" Michael Bisping, up next.

Round 1: Day with leg kicks. Bisping countering with punches. Bisping catches the leg on a kick attempt and puts Day on the mat for ground and pound. The crowd is going nuts every time Bisping lands a strike. Day eventually works back to his feet, but eats a couple of punches and walks into a Bisping takedown. Bisping with the mount and even gets Day's back for a moment, but gives it up to keep hammering away. Bisping punishes Day with strikes from side control and Dan Miragliotta steps in to stop the fight. Dominant performance by Bisping.

Winner: Michael Bisping
defeated Jason Day via TKO due to strikes at 3:42 of Round 1.
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UFC 85 results: Davis vs. Swick

Marcus Davis vs. Mike Swick is up next.

Round 1: Swick throws several head kicks and tries a flying knee. Davis initiates a clinch. Takedown attempt by Davis but he can't finish it. Davis tries a guillotine. Swick ends up in Davis' full guard. Swick passes for side control but Davis quickly takes full guard again. Swick now working from half guard, with Davis against the cage. Swick does some ground and pound. Davis is bleeding, but he's an easy bleeder so that's not a major turn of events. The round ends with both guys in virtually the same spot, both working hard but neither doing any major damage. 10-9 Swick.

Round 2: Davis lands a right and Swick smiles at him. Swick answers with two consecutive right head kicks and a knee. He takes Davis down again and Davis takes full guard. Swick passes guard for side control. Swick tries for a mount and winds up giving Davis half guard. Davis grabs the right arm and tries for a kimura. He gets enough leverage to spin out from under Swick and get to his feet. Swick with a knee. Davis answers with a right hand. Davis clinches Swick against the cage. Both men landing knees to the body and Davis is mixing in some dirty boxing uppercuts. Davis gets Swick down and Swick tries a triangle, but Davis slips out. Swick back to his feet and forces Davis to his back, and the round ends. Close round, but I'll give it to Swick again, 10-9, based on better control.

Round 3: They stand up again and the pace has considerably slowed. Davis needs a big finish here. They're working against the cage, but neither is accomplishing much. Davis with a takedown, and Swick is right back to his feet. Swick gets Davis down and works more ground and pound, with Davis bleeding more. Swick and Davis hammer away for the last ten seconds of the fight but neither finishes. Swick was deducted a point for grabbing the fence, but it probably won't make a difference. Swick 10-9, and it should be a unanimous decision.

Winner: Mike Swick defeated Marcus Davis via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27) after three rounds.

The fight marks the end of Davis' 11-fight win streak.
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UFC 85 results: Marquardt vs. Leites

Up next: Nate "The Great" Marquardt vs. Thales Leites.

Round 1: They trade for a bit before Leites drops him with a solid right hand. Leites follows him down and Marquardt struggles to position himself. Leites lands more fists as Marquardt briefly gives up his back. Leites is looking for side control and Marquardt escapes to his feet. He lands a knee, and they square off again. Marquardt with fists. Marquardt with an inside leg kick. Leites with a spinning back kick. Marquardt rocks Leites with an uppercut and pushes him against the cage, but the round ends before he can capitalize. Really good round, which I'd judge 10-9 for Leites based on the knockdown.

Round 2: They grapple against the cage after a brief exchange. Marquardt forces Leites to the mat, and rocks him with an illegal knee to the head while Leites' knee is planted. Referee Herb Dean stops the fight to allow Leites his five minutes to recover. Leites wants to continue and the doctor doesn't object. Dean takes one point away from Marquardt for the illegal strike, which could be costly in a fight this close. When the fight resumes, Marquardt is all over Leites, getting him to the mat and unleashing ground and pound. Leites is now bleeding. Dean warns Marquardt for striking the back of the head. Marquardt is punishing Leites with fists. Leites tries some upkicks. He's bleeding from either the mouth or nose -- maybe both. Marquardt slows down the striking attack and Leites switches to rubber guard. Dean stands them up. Marquardt fumbles a takedown attempt and Leites ends up in full mount, landing a handful of strikes before settling into half guard as the round ends. I'd give it 10-9 to Marquardt except for the 1-point deduction... so I score this round a 9-9 draw.

Round 3: Marquardt gets Leites down again and Leites goes for a triangle, but Marquardt spins out of it. More strikes from Marquardt, and Dean stands them up and deducts another point for Marquardt for a back-of-the-head strike. The replay shows that was a questionable call by Dean. Marquardt complains. Marquardt gets Leites to the mat again. Leites working for rubber guard, then looks for a kimura, but eats two hammer fists for his trouble. Leites struggles to escape. As the round ends, Lietes gets to his feet. Marquardt picks him up by the waist, upside down ... and PILEDRIVES him. We're talking a full-blown, WWE piledriver. Unbelievable. The round ends before Marquardt can bust out the pedigree.

Winner: Thales Leites defeated Nate Marquardt via split decision (28-27, 27-28, 28-27) after three rounds.
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UFC 85 results: Werdum vs. Vera

Fabricio Werdum vs. Brandon Vera opens the main broadcast.

Round 1: Werdum clinches Vera against the cage. Vera fights his way out of the clinch with fists and elbows. Werdum ties him up again and scores a takedown, landing in Vera's guard. Werdum with some ground and pound. Vera escapes to his feet and throw a knee, which Werdum catches. He can't take him down, and instead lands on his back and eats a few shots. Vera lets him up. Nice left by Vera, and Werdum is now backing up. He collects himself and takes Vera down again. Werdum passes Vera's guard for full mount and starts hammering away with 30 seconds left in the round. Vera is covering up and not really in trouble, but also not bettering his position or striking back. Referee Dan Miragliotta (does that name ring a bell?) stops the fight with seconds remaining, and Vera immediately stands up complaining, not looking the least bit wobbly or hurt.

Winner: Fabricio Werdum defeated Brandon Vera via TKO due to strikes at 4:40 of Round 1.

After the fight, Werdum tells Joe Rogan that Vera was saying something to the referee and implied that Vera might have been telling him to stop the fight. The crowd is crapping all over this result.

Vera gets cheered when he steps up to Rogan's microphone.

"I said 'I'm OK, I'm OK, I'm OK! I'm not gonna quit. Are you kidding me? F--- that!'" Vera said.

Vera points out that he was covering up well during the ground and pound and wasn't rocked by any shots. That, plus the fact that the round was almost over, and Vera felt the stoppage was too early.

"It's fifteen seconds left in the round," Vera said. "Let me take the ass-whoopin'!"

My initial thought: It's too bad most of the people crying "fix" on the Miragliotta stoppage of Kimbo Slice vs. James Thompson won't be watching UFC 85, because this illustrates several points. Among them: A) Early stoppages can happen in any MMA promotion, B) they can happen on PPV as easily as they happened on CBS, C) refereeing is subjective and subject to human error no matter how big a superstar the fighter is. Unless Kimbo Slice is best buddies with Fabricio Werdum and nobody knew it, I think it's time to put the criticism where it belongs -- on Miragliotta.
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UFC 85: Undercard results

The undercard for UFC 85 in London is complete, and with the number of upsets already on this show, my Head to Head predictions are probably going to look terrible by the end of the night.

Be sure to check here for live round-by-round coverage of the main card beginning shortly after 3 p.m. ET.

Undercard results from London:

  • Antoni Hardonk defeated Eddie Sanchez via TKO at 4:15 of Round 2.
  • Paul Taylor defeated Jess Liaudin via split decision after three rounds.
  • Luis Cane defeated Jason Lambert via TKO at 2:07 of Round 1.
  • Kevin Burns defeated Roan Carneiro via submission to a triangle choke at 3:56 of Round 2.
  • Matt Wiman defeated Thiago Tavares via KO at 1:57 of Round 2.
  • Martin Kampmann defeated Jorge Rivera via submission to a guillotine choke at 2:34 of Round 1.
Those are huge wins for Cane, Burns and Wiman. What a way for Burns to debut. Wiman knocking out Tavares was unexpected.

Back in a bit with the main card.
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