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Posted on: October 26, 2008 12:00 am
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UFC 90 live results: Silva vs. Cote

The UFC middleweight title is up for grabs as champion Anderson "The Spider" Silva defends against Patrick Cote in the main event.

Round 1: Cote throws a right that misses. Cote with leg kicks. Silva is biding his time, moving around a lot. Silva actually jogs in a half circle, making Cote chase him down. Cote with a kick to Silva's lead leg. Silva with a leg kick but Cote checks it. Silva with a leg kick and he tries for a muay thai clinch, but Cote escapes fast. Silva with a left hand. Silva is still moving around a lot. Silva with a knee to the head and a combo of fists. Another knee by Silva. Cote is cut on the forehead, but doesn't look hurt otherwise. Silva actually drops his hands and walks from side to side, almost taunting Cote to force something he can counter. Silva with a left high kick. The round ends and the crowd boos. 10-9 Silva.

Round 2: Cote's corner warns him that when Silva is inactive, it's because he's trying to set something up. Cote with a straight right. Silva with a combo and misses, but follows with a kick. Cote lands a spinning backfist. Silva body locks Cote against the fence. Cote gets an underhook and tries for a big right on the break, but Silva dodges it. Silva takes Cote to the ground. Cote controls Silva's wrists and takes full guard. Cote with elbows from the bottom. Silva stands and dares Cote to stand up. Silva actually offers a hand to Cote to help him up and in a funny moment, Cote shakes his head "no" to refuse the gesture. Referee Herb Dean stands them up. Front kick by Silva. Cote throws a combo but doesn't find anything. Silva throws a kick and Cote catches the leg, but Silva slips out. Cote clinches Silva against the cage. Silva lands an elbow to the head and a couple of knees to the ribs as the round ends. 10-9 Silva.

Round 3: As unbelievable as it is that Silva vs. Cote made it to Round 3, it ends in very bizarre fashion: As Cote hops forward to throw a punch, leading with his left foot forward, his right knee pops out of joint before he even throws a strike. Cote falls to the mat and grimaces in pain, and he can't keep fighting. Referee Herb Dean calls it off, and Silva wins in anticlimactic fashion.

Winner: Anderson Silva defeats Patrick Cote via TKO due to referee stoppage due to injury at 39 seconds of Round 3.

That's always a terrible way for a fight to end, and hopefully Cote heals and returns to action in due time. Silva was winning the fight, but Cote came at him the whole time and never gave up. Not even when his knee popped out, as Dean actually had to tell Cote -- as he stood back up -- that he wasn't allowed to keep fighting.

For Silva's part, he didn't have a scratch on him after the fight and he clearly did well. It wasn't the dominant, steamrolling win we're used to seeing from Silva, for sure. But I wouldn't make much of the fact that this went to Round 3, because a lot of that can be blamed on the amount of time Silva spent simply moving around and trying to sucker Cote into a bad spot.

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UFC 90 live results: Koscheck vs. Alves

Up next is the semi-main event, pitting Josh Koscheck vs. Thiago Alves in a welterweight fight that Dana White said could earn the winner a shot at the title.

Round 1: Alves looks for an opening as Koscheck tests the waters standing. Koscheck tries leg kicks and does no damage. Alves rocks Koscheck with fists and Koscheck goes down. Koscheck drops to his knees and grabs a leg as Alves hammers at his head. Koscheck stands up and Alves throws a head kick. Alves lays it on with fists and Koscheck looks rocked, and tries for a takedown. Alves escapes. Koscheck appears to have gotten himself together and they're standing again. Koscheck with a right hand and combos to the body. Alves with jabs and leg kicks. Koscheck misses an uppercut but connects with a right hook. Koscheck shoots for a takedown. He can't get Alves down. Alves with a straight right. More leg kicks by Alves. The round ends, and this is an easy 10-9 for Alves, although you have to be impressed with Koscheck's recovery. He looked fresh again by the end of the round.

Round 2: Koscheck tries to set up an uppercut but misses. Koscheck is looking for a big right hand. Koscheck with a head kick. Alves stumbles on a front kick and Koscheck capitalizes with a knee. Koscheck with a body lock against the fence, which Alves reverses for the escape. Alves with a nice kick. Koscheck answers with his own kick. Alves with an uppercut. Alves punishes Koscheck with more hard leg kicks. Koscheck fakes a punch to shoot for a single leg takedown. Alves stuffs it and takes control of Koscheck's wrists with his back to the fence. Koscheck switches to an underhook and throws one knee to the body as the round ends. 10-9 Alves again, so by my scoring, Koscheck needs to finish Alves in Round 3 or he'll lose a decision.

Round 3: Alves stuns Koscheck with a flurry of fists and Koscheck shoots for a takedown. Alves shakes it off and Koscheck is still wobbling on his feet. Koscheck with a body lock. They struggle against the fence but Koscheck apparently takes a poke to the eye, so there is a brief stoppage. Alves is playing it a little safer, looking to counterstrike. Koscheck looks more tentative. Alves takes a finger to the eye this time, so there is another stoppage. They exchange fists. Alves with a leg kick that actually buckles Koscheck's legs. Superman punch by Alves. Another big leg kick by Alves. Koscheck looks for a KO with 30 seconds left. Koscheck throws a knee and misses. Alves with a body lock and a takedown at the final buzzer. 30-27 win for Alves by my scorecard, and Alves made a big statement here.

Winner: Thiago Alves defeats Josh Koscheck via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27) after three rounds.

"I'm really happy, you know. Hats off to Josh Koscheck for taking the fight on really short notice," Alves said.

Alves asked Dana White for a title shot. He's probably earned one at this point.
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UFC 90 live results: Clementi vs. Maynard

Another lightweight battle as Rich "No Love" Clementi takes on Gray "The Bully" Maynard.

Round 1: They circle and Maynard appears to be the aggressor. Maynard is throwing combos and Clementi is answering with fists and leg kicks. Maynard whiffs on an uppercut. Maynard shoots and Clementi scrambles away quickly. Maynard is landing some straight punches but Clementi is unhurt. Clementi with a straight fist. Maynard with a takedown. Clementi takes half guard. Maynard hammers on Clementi's ribs. Clementi postures up and eats a few fists to the head. Clementi tries for an armbar and Maynard attempts ground and pound as the round ends. I'd score it 10-9 Maynard.

Round 2: Randy Couture is in Maynard's corner, and tells Maynard "If he lifts that foot up, you make him f---in' pay." Clementi with a leg kick. Maynard doesn't make him pay. Maynard with a body lock against the cage, which Clementi escapes. Maynard fighting for a double leg takedown and gets it. Clementi takes half guard. Maynard take a guillotine and tries to pass guard, but Clementi sweeps and gets to his feet. Maynard holds the standing guillotine but eventually must let go. Maynard gets Clementi down but his arm is trapped. Clementi rolls to try for an armbar but loses the arm. Clementi takes half guard again. Maynard punishes the ribs. He tries to pass guard again and nearly gets stuck in a guillotine, so Maynard rethinks it. Maynard tries a guillotine from the top as Clementi grabs Maynard's ankle to try a sweep. Maynard ends up in full guard and stands, looking to throw bombs down at Clementi. Nothing lands as Clementi counters with upkicks. End of the round, and I call it 10-9 Maynard based on Octagon control, despite Clementi being a little too tricky for him.

Round 3: Maynard with a high angle double leg takedown. Maynard is stuck in Clementi's half guard again. Clementi is looking for a kimura. There's an interesting stalemate here as Maynard is too good a wrestler for Clementi, but so far, Clementi is too good an MMA fighter to allow Maynard to finish the job or improve his position beyond half guard. Maynard uses a guillotine to pass guard and take full mount, but can only stay there for a few seconds before Clementi finds a way out. Clementi gets to his feet wih Maynard holding him in a reverse body lock. Clementi tries to shuck the hands, quickly realizes that isn't happening, and pulls guard. Clementi manages to take Maynard's back for a few seconds but Maynard fights out of it. Maynard is back in Clementi's half guard. The round ends, and it should be a 30-27 unanimous decision for Maynard.

Winner: Gray Maynard defeated Rich Clementi via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after three rounds.

"I wanted to strike a lot more. I have a great coach. (Clementi) was throwing me off," Maynard said.

"I thought he'd slow down a little bit, but he was still trying to catch me," he said of Clementi's persistence.
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UFC 90 live results: Werdum vs. Dos Santos

The heavyweights are up next: Fabricio Werdum vs. Junior Dos Santos. This is the UFC debut for Dos Santos and also his first fight in a country other than Brazil.

It should be noted that Werdum weighed in at 256 to Dos Santos' 234, so there is a pretty significant size advantage in Werdum's favor.

UFC Hall of Famer Dan "The Beast" Severn is shown in attendance. Man, does that guy bring back memories.

Round 1: Dos Santos throws leg kicks. Werdum throws a sloppy leg kick of his own. A few seconds of inactivity, and then HOLY UPSET. Dos Santos smashes Werdum with a right uppercut, which Werdum actually leans into while throwing a looping right of his own. Werdum crumbles to the mat and it's all over.

Werdum is being tended to in his corner, and he is bleeding everywhere.

Winner: Junior Dos Santos defeats Fabricio Werdum via KO from a right uppercut at 1:20 of Round 1.

"I believed in my hands," Dos Santos said via translator Ed Soares. He said he knew it would be a bit sketchy going to the ground with Werdum, but he was confident he could get it done with strikes.

Well there's a nice upset in the books for UFC 90. I guess Cote is off the hook now.
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UFC 90 live results: Sherk vs. Griffin

The first fight of the live card pits former UFC lightweight champion Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk against rising 155er Tyson Griffin.

Round 1: Sherk throws a couple of hooks then shoots in for a takedown. Griffin unloads with a combination to try to hurt Sherk on the takedown attempt but Sherk follows through. Sherk briefly takes Griffin's back before Griffin shakes him off and gets back to his feet. Sherk gets the better of an exchange of fists and then takes a leg, going for another takedown. Griffin sprawls and then uses a pair of knees to the body, but Sherk muscles him down. Griffin fights back to his feet again. Sherk with fists, Griffin using leg kicks more often. Griffin tries a head kick and follows with a right hand, but neither do much damage. Griffin shoots for a takedown and Sherk stuffs it, then scrambles to Griffin's back. Sherk looks for a rear naked choke as Griffin stands, and Sherk has to let it go. Griffin with a body kick and a left hook. Sherk answers with a combination of fists. The round ends, and I score it 10-9 Sherk for the takedowns, and maybe a slight edge in the striking. Good fight so far.

Round 2: Griffin has a cut on his eyebrow. Sherk shoots again and gets the takedown, but Griffin is right back up. Sherk makes him eat a fist as he gets to his feet. Griffin moves toward Sherk to get away from the cage. Sherk getting the better of the punching exchanges again. Griffin lands another body kick. Griffin starts throwing body punches. Nice leg kick by Griffin. Sherk is now bleeding from the nose. Griffin starts landing punch combos to the head now and the crowd is getting into it. Griffin slows down a bit and both guys are throwing jabs. Sherk shoots in but can't take him down this time. They take turns cracking each other with nice punch combos. The round ends and Griffin looks a little fatigued, but Sherk unsurprisingly looks fresh (other than the damage to his face). Very even round, but I might give it to Griffin 10-9.

Round 3: Griffin cracks Sherk with a right hand. Sherk answers with a left. Sherk with a muay thai clinch and throws a couple of quick knees to the head. Sherk with an uppercut and a straight left. Sherk suckers Griffin into a left uppercut. Sherk throws a knee and Griffin snaps his head back with a straight right. Sherk throws more combos. This has turned into a kickboxing match, and only because Griffin is throwing an occasional kick between Sherk's combos and his own strikes. They pick up the pace with 30 seconds left but neither guy can finish it. I would give Round 3 to Griffin 10-9, and therefore the win to Griffin, 29-28. But Round 2 was pretty even, so assuming Sherk wins Round 1, this one could go either way without much controversy.

Winner: Sean Sherk defeats Tyson Griffin via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) after three rounds.

"Tyson fights a lot like me, except he's 10 years younger than I am," Sherk said after the decision.

The crowd appears to think Griffin should have won the decision, as there is some audible booing.

"It was a close fight," he added. "I did feel confident that I won the fight though."

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UFC 90 undercard results

We're just about ready for the main UFC 90 card to begin. This blog will have round-by-round details on each fight as it happens, beginning shortly after 10 p.m. ET.

Here are the results of tonight's undercard fights:

-- Thales Leites defeated Drew McFedries via submission to a rear naked choke at 1:18 of Round 1.
-- Spencer Fisher defeated Shannon Gugerty via submission to a triangle choke at 3:56 of Round 3.
-- Dan Miller defeated Matt Horwich via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after three rounds.
-- Hermes Franca defeated Marcus Aurelio via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) after three rounds.
-- Pete Sell defeated Josh Burkman via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after three rounds.

Back in a few minutes with the first fight of the main card.
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UFC 90 live results tonight

Just a heads-up that we'll have a live round-by-round blog of UFC 90 tonight, beginning shortly before 10 p.m. ET. If you can't be in front of a TV to see the show, come on back later for a detailed rundown of the main card fights as they happen.

Everybody made weight yesterday, so all fights are on as scheduled. The only person to miss weight initially was Josh Burkman, who came in at 173 for his welterweight bout with Pete Sell -- who, ironically, was cutting to 170 for the first time, but he made weight on his first try. Burkman used his extra time allowance to cut another two pounds and made weight at 171 on his second attempt. There's a 1-pound allowance for non-title fights, so weighing 171 for a 170-pound fight is considered making weight.

The action kicks off in Chicago in just a few hours. Check this blog later on for UFC 90 live results.

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Sanchez out, Koscheck in vs. Alves at UFC 90

UFC announced Monday night that Diego Sanchez has been forced to pull out of his fight against Thiago "Pitbull" Alves at UFC 90 on Oct. 25 due to torn rib cartilage. Replacing Sanchez in the fight will be none other than "The Nightmare's" arch rival, Josh Koscheck.

The official word from the UFC press release:

Las Vegas NV (USA) – Welterweight contender Diego Sanchez has been forced to withdraw from his UFC 90 bout against Thiago Alves due to torn rib cartilage, but the October 25th co-feature bout is not lost, as standout 170-pounder Josh Koscheck has stepped up to face Brazil’s “Pitbull” in an equally intriguing welterweight matchup.

“There is nothing worse than having a great fight and then having one of the fighters drop out at the last second,” said UFC President Dana White. “But the one thing the UFC has proven time and time again is our ability to replace fights with ones as good as or better than the original fight, and we’ve done it again with the highly-ranked Josh Koscheck stepping up to replace Diego Sanchez against welterweight wrecking machine Thiago Alves. Hats off to Josh and Thiago, as not many fighters would agree to a matchup this tough on such short notice.”

Koscheck is a more than suitable replacement, especially on less than two weeks notice. Sanchez vs. Alves was a very intriguing bout, and a chance for Sanchez to climb back to where he was before a loss to Koscheck last year set him back in the welterweight pecking order. Sanchez has to be very disappointed to lose this opportunity, and it probably stings a bit more that Koscheck is stealing his thunder one more time.

Koscheck is a very tough test for Alves, who most recently defeated Matt Hughes at UFC 85 in June. On paper, it's easy to call this a classic grappler vs. striker contest, but Koscheck's striking is somewhat underrated. He's a lot more well-rounded than he gets credit for.

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