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UFC 93 live results: Franklin vs. Henderson

We're up to the main event, as Rich "Ace" Franklin fights Dan Henderson. This one's at light heavyweight.

Round 1: Franklin with a leg kick. Henderson with a left hook. Henderson takes Franklin down near the cage. Henderson tries to do some ground and pound and lands several shots as Franklin tries to get up. Henderson controls Franklin's arms and keeps him down. Henderson using knees to the ribs, but Franklin escapes to his feet. Franklin with a left body kick. Henderson with a kick-punch combo. Henderson is throwing lots of lefts and keeping that dangerous right hand loaded up. Franklin with a leg kick. Franklin's showing plenty of respect to Henderson's right, advancing forward with lots of caution. They exchange blows and Franklin takes a body lock. Henderson shakes it off as the round ends. 10-9 Henderson, and Franklin is cut badly on his head, from an inadvertant head butt.

Round 2: Franklin, before the round, laughed about his cut and said "that's a bad one." Inside leg kick by Henderson. Henderson with a side kick. They finally come into each other's range and wind up in a clinch, but neither gains an advantage. Henderson with a left hook to set up an uppercut, which doesn't land well. Franklin with jabs and body kicks. Henderson tries for a takedown and gets it. Franklin's in full guard with his head back against the fence. Henderson tries to pass guard and Franklin turns his backside toward the fence to defend it. Henderson looking for elbows from the top but Franklin's not giving him many openings. Franklin's cut is opened back up. Franklin scrambles for an armbar and Henderson reacts with a heavy fist from above, as the round ends. 10-9 Henderson.

Round 3: Franklin's landing a lot of fists, but Henderson is standing his ground and connects with a right. Henderson takes Franklin down again, with Franklin near the cage. Franklin looks for a triangle while Henderson looks to pound him out. Franklin fights back to his feet and bodylocks Henderson against the fence. Henderson breaks out of it. Franklin with a body kick and a left hook. Franklin with a left and a body kick, followed by a takedown attempt. Henderson looks a bit tired, but not totally gassed. Henderson slips while throwing a head kick and Franklin gets in a few free punches while Henderson stands up. Henderson inadvertantly pokes Franklin in the eye during an exchange and Franklin falls to the mat in pain. Referee Dan Miragliotta informs Franklin he doesn't get five minutes to recover, because that's only for a groin strike. Miragliotta asks UFC's Marc Ratner how much recovery time to allow, and it's two minutes. Franklin's ready to go, so they circle again. Franklin with a low kick. Henderson throws a right hand, and they finish the fight swinging. 10-9 Franklin, so I'd score the bout 29-28 Henderson.

Winner: Dan Henderson defeats Rich Franklin via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28) after three rounds.

I don't know how you call that fight 30-27 for Franklin, but apparently one judge saw it that way.

Henderson said he's looking forward to coaching The Ultimate Fighter against Michael Bisping, who he will then fight after the season ends.

"I think it's right up my alley," Henderson said.

The silver lining in all of this is that Franklin wanted to stay at light heavyweight, and a win here would have put him at middleweight again to fight Bisping. Franklin also wasn't thrilled with the idea of coaching The Ultimate Fighter again, but since he lost, he won't have to worry about it.
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UFC 93 live results: Coleman vs. Rua

UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman fights for the first time since Oct. 2006, in a PRIDE rematch against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. Both fighters have a lot to prove here, with Rua not only looking to avenge the prior loss to Coleman, but also looking for his first UFC win.

Coleman has a very serious look on his face as he enters to AC/DC's "Back in Black." Among the men in his corner is "New York Bad Ass," Phil Baroni, who is animated enough for the both of them.

Round 1: Shogun avoided eye contact with Coleman during the staredown. Both fighters got a kind reaction from the audience and they shook hands beforehand. Rua hits Coleman with a big right and Rua nailed him with a knee at the same time. Coleman connects a few times with some strikes as Rua tries to get up. Rua is rolling for a kneebar but Coleman escapes. Shogun with a big right hand. Coleman takes him down. The crowd is now chanting "Shogun." Coleman looking for ground and pound and Rua takes his arm. Rua escapes to him feet and actually takes Coleman down and passes his guard. Rua with side control, close to the fence. Coleman turns his feet to the cage and tries to use the fence to brace himself and escape from the bottom. Rua striking down at Coleman as Coleman punches upward at Rua. They're back to their feet. Coleman with a left, but he's looking tired already. Rua with kicks. Coleman shoots for a takedown. Coleman tries to get up and Rua attempts to take his back. Rua decks Coleman with a right and Coleman slowly falls down, appearing more exhausted than hurt. Coleman throws some hands but Rua answers with jabs and knees as the round ends. 10-9 Rua, and Coleman looks completely out of gas.

Round 2: If Coleman can't finish Rua early, he's doomed. Rua with leg kicks. Coleman hits a pair of nice jabs. Rua with an uppercut. Coleman shoots for a takedown and gets it. While Coleman catches his breath, Rua is back to his feet. Rua tries a takedown and Coleman powers him over to thwart it. Coleman with a jab, but he drops his hands after every throw. Rua is jabbing and taking it slow as well, but you get the idea he could finish Coleman if he wanted to. Rua with a body kick and a jab. Rua's nose is bloody. Rua with a Thai clinch but Coleman takesh im down before he can do any damage with it. Rua escapes and Coleman decks him hard as he stands up. Coleman with another takedown and it looks like Rua is gassing now, too. Rua takes a shoulder lock with his legs. Coleman is hanging on but Rua doesn't look to have the energy to complete the submission. And he doesn't, as the buzzer sounds. 10-9 Rua again, and if Rua is as tired as he looks, Coleman might actually have a chance.

Round 3: Coleman throws a weak punch and then shoots for a takedown. Rua elbows Coleman in the head but Coleman completes the takedown. Coleman pounds away at Rua's jaw with elbows from the top. Coleman with fists to the ribs as well. The crowd is now chanting "Coleman." Rua goes for a heel hook and he can't finish it. Coleman pulls Rua back to his knees and keeps punching him in the face. Coleman has very little on those punches but Rua just can't do anything about it. Rua gets to his feet and Coleman is still on his knees, but Rua takes a Thai clinch and knees him in the body. The ref thinks the knee landed on the head, so he warns Rua and stands them up. They're duking it out. Rua throws a combo that finally drops Coleman to the canvas for good, and the ref calls it off. Coleman is upset at the stoppage, but he took about seven clean shots including an uppercut that clearly put Coleman out on his feet.

Winner: Mauricio "Shogun" Rua defeated Mark Coleman via TKO due to strikes at 4:36 of Round 3.

Rua told Joe Rogan he's back at 100 percent. I hope that wasn't 100 percent, for Rua's sake.

"I'm really upset and disappointed with myself. A good fight's not good enough. I came here to win," Coleman said. He also proclaimed his respect for Rua, and asked for a rubber match.
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UFC 93 live results: Horn vs. Palhares

Rousimar Palhares vs. Jeremy Horn is up next at middleweight.

Round 1: Horn throws a few tentative jabs that don't connect. Palhares throws a haymaker to set up a takedown. Before long, Palhares has one hook in and is taking Horn's back while hammering away at Horn's head. Horn scrambles out from back control briefly and Pahlares takes his side while still punching away. Horn turns to his knees and nearly gives up his back again, before turning over and closing his guard. Palhares takes Horn's feet and as Horn pushes off, Palhares throws bombs downward that don't do much damage. Horn scrambles to his feet. Palhares takes him back down and Horn eats a bunch of hammer fists while on his knees. Palhares spins into a kneebar attempt but Horn defends well, and the round ends with Palhares sitting on Horn's back pounding on his head, while Horn (on his knees again) covers up. Easily 10-9 for Palhares.

Round 2: Horn with a weak punch before Palhares shoots a single leg, lifts Horn high into the air and completes the takedown. Palhares has been warned twice for grabbing the cage. Horn's back on his knees covering his head, while Palhares hammers away. The ref tells Horn to do something. He stands up and tries to escape, then grabs Palhares' leg. Horn winds up, amazingly, with Palhares in full mount. Horn throws some elbows as Palhares tries to sweep. Palhares escapes and they're standing again. Palhares looks tired while Horn looks banged up. Horn throws some weak jabs. Palhares with a head kick and Horn blocks it. Horn stuffs a takedown attempt and peppers Palhares with a combo of fists and feet. Nice left hook by Horn. Palhares takes Horn back to the canvas. Horn goes for a triangle and can't get it. A bit of a comeback round by Horn, so I give it to him 10-9.

Round 3: Palhares ducks a punch and gives Horn a belly-to-back suplex. Always fun to see that move in a real fight, for a change. Palhares is in Horn's guard. Palhares doesn't do much until Horn rolls to his knees, at which point Palhares hammers away again. Horn fights up to his feet and Palhares takes him down with a double leg. Palhares is out of gas for the most part, keeping Horn down and throwing light strikes. Except Horn can't come up with a good counter, so Palhares is still in control. The ref stands them up with a minute remaining. Palhares with a straight left. Horn throws a right high kick and Palhares blocks it. Palhares takes it back to the canvas and they finish the bout with Horn in full guard. 10-9 Palhares, so I score the bout 29-28 Palhares... but man, after that first round, who ever thought Horn would go the distance?

Winner: Rousimar Palhares defeated Jeremy Horn via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after three rounds.

Palhares tells Joe Rogan that he broke his hand in the fight, which might partially explain why his punches looked weaker and he fought more tentative.
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UFC 93 live results: Belcher vs. Kang

Next up is the UFC debut of PRIDE and K-1 Hero's vet Denis Kang, taking on Alan Belcher in a middleweight bout.

Round 1: Belcher is dropping his hands. Kang throws some punches and Belcher defends them well. Kang with a takedown. Belcher looks for a sweep and Kang escapes. Belcher gets back to guard and then pushes Kang off as they stand again. Kang counters a swing with four good punches that connect squarely. Kang with a takedown as Belcher closes his guard. Kang looks for ground and pound and Belcher tries pushing him off again with his legs. Kang tries to strike from the top. Belcher sits up and tries to take Kang's leg. They wind up in Belcher's half guard as Kang tries for a kimura. Belcher pulls his arm out. Kang passes to side control and starts throwing knees to the body. I score it 10-9 Kang, although Belcher is doing a decent job defending thus far.

Round 2:
Kang throws some fists and Belcher clinches him back against the cage. Kang reverses position, and Belcher escapes. Belcher with a body kick. Belcher with a stiff right cross. Kang shoots and takes Belcher down again. Kang stands out of Belcher's closed guard and throws a couple punches to the head. Belcher takes half guard and ties up Kang's right leg. Kang has trouble passing to side control so he stands up and resumes his striking attack from the top. He's back in Belcher's full guard and the referee stands them up. Belcher throws a pair of kicks but doesn't do any damage. Kang sticks and moves with a series of left jabs. Kang shoots in for a takedown and Belcher takes an arm guillotine, pulls guard, and it's so tight that Kang taps immediately.

Winner: Alan Belcher
defeats Denis Kang via submission to a guillotine choke at 4:36 of Round 2.

Big win here for Belcher.
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UFC 93 live results: Lytle vs. Davis

First up is Chris Lytle vs. Marcus Davis, "The Irish Hand Grenade." The place just went totally nuts for Davis, who entered the cage to "Jump Around." This should be a good one.

Round 1: Lytle throws a wide right hand that momentarily staggers Davis, who recovers well. They clinch and exchange some close-range fists. The crowd is extremely loud, reacting to every shot and chanting. Davis with a body kick. Davis catches Lytle rushing in with a straight left. Lytle with an inside leg kick. Lytle whiffs on a right haymaker. Davis catches Lytle's leg on a body kick and rather than take him down, he throws him down and lets him back up. Lytle slips on an exchange and goes down, but he's not hurt. Lytle with a teep kick. Davis misses on a high kick. Lytle with a nice body kick to the right side. Lytle rushes in at the end of the round with a couple of fists. I'd judge the round 10-9 Lytle, but it's a pretty even fight.

Round 2: Davis has welts on his body from Lytle's kicks. Lytle rushes in with a flurry of fists, and Davis literally runs the other direction to escape. Davis with a body shot and Lytle goes to the mat, but Davis wants him back up. Lytle unloads with fists and mixes in some knees that don't connect well. Davis with a straight right. Lytle takes a couple wild swings and misses both, and Davis tags him with a jab for good measure. The audience enjoyed that. Lytle sets up a wild uppercut with a leg kick, but doesn't connect. Lytle with a straight right, and Davis with one of his own. Davis lands a nice knee to the face after a punch combo. Lytle clinches Davis against the fence and tries to work the body but Davis gets away. The round ends, and Lytle is now bleeding from the mouth. 10-9 Lytle again based on aggression and the fact that the striking is about even, with Davis perhaps a little worse for wear.

Round 3: Davis' nose is a mess and Lytle has a fat lip. Davis is getting in close to try for some combinations and to avoid those kicks. They exchange fists and high-five each other afterward. Davis catches a body kick, then throws a kick that Lytle ducks. Lytle swings wildly again and can't find the mark. They trade body kicks. Davis is starting to throw more counterstrikes and out-technique Lytle with his looping swings. Davis with a body kick followed by a knee to the ribs. With 90 seconds left, both men open up and tag each other with a number of strikes to the face and ribs. Lytle and Davis both have swelling on their faces. Davis lands a nice knee to the body after ducking Lytle's fist, then the fighters finish the round with a last-second exchange. Good fight. I give the third round to Davis, 10-9, who seemed to finally figure out Lytle's technique well enough to out-finesse him. By my scoring, the fight goes to Lytle, 29-28, but it could go either way.

Winner: Marcus Davis defeats Chris Lytle via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) after three rounds.

Joe Rogan asks Davis what it's like to fulfill his dream of fighting in Dublin, Ireland, and getting a big win, and Davis needs a minute to hold back the tears before answering. He thanked God, and the UFC for the opportunity.

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UFC 93 undercard results

We're a few minutes away from the start of the UFC 93 main card. I'll have round-by-round details on each of those fights as they happen, so refresh the blog URL frequently for the latest.

Here are the undercard results from Dublin:

  • John Hathaway defeated Tom Egan via TKO due to strikes at 4:36 of Round 1.
  • Martin Kampmann defeated Alexandre Barros via TKO due to strikes at 3:09 of Round 2.
  • Eric Schafer defeated Antonio Mendes via TKO due to strikes at 3:35 of Round 1.
  • Tomasz Drwal defeated Ivan Serati via KO due to strikes at 2:02 of Round 1.
  • Dennis Siver defeated Nate Mohr via TKO due to strikes at 3:47 of Round 3.
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UFC 93 live blog on Saturday

UFC 93 weigh-ins took place earlier today. You can check here for specifics, but every fighter on the card made weight for Saturday.

For those of you planning to order UFC 93 on PPV on Saturday, remember this one's coming from Dublin, Ireland. Which means if you want to watch it live in the United States, you need to order the show at 3 p.m. ET, not the standard 10 p.m. ET UFC start time.

A tape-delay airing of UFC 93 will certainly be available from most PPV providers for those who prefer a Saturday night gathering for UFC events. But if you prefer to watch the fights live, you should clear your schedule on Saturday afternoon.

And if you're planning to order a replay of the event and want to avoid spoilers, here's fair warning: I'll be live-blogging UFC 93 on Saturday, so if you come to CBSSports.com any time after 3 p.m. ET, you'll find results for every single fight, including round-by-round analysis of the main card.

This is one of those shows that could turn out to be really good despite not being terribly important in the grand scheme of things. None of the fights -- not even Henderson vs. Franklin -- look to have an immediate impact on any UFC championship, yet the odds are still very good that we'll see some drama.

Henderson vs. Franklin could be a great fight, as could Lytle vs. Davis. I'm not sure what to think about Coleman vs. Rua for multiple reasons (Coleman's age, possible cage rust for both men, Rua returning from injury, etc.). But every unanswered question is another reason to be interested in a fight, so I guess that's a good thing.

See you on Saturday between 2-3 p.m. ET for our live UFC 93 blog.
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