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Posted on: November 5, 2008 9:47 pm
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WEC live results: Faber vs. Brown

The main event is here, as Urijah Faber defends the featherweight title against Mike Brown. This fight should make up for the last one, at least.

Round 1: Faber throws a body kick. Big right hand by Faber. Faber traps the arm but Brown escapes. Faber with a head kick. Brown throws a pair of rights and Faber covers up. Brown forces Faber to the fence and tries for a takedown. Faber comes off the cage with a muay thai clinch and throws a knee. Brown takes down Faber and Faber stands back up, throwing a spinning elbow. But Faber is clocked by a right to the jaw on the elbow attempt and he's down. Brown goes to the ground with him and hammers away, including some uppercuts that snap Faber's head back, before referee Troy Waugh stops it. New WEC featherweight champion, Mike Brown. American Top Team members are jumping into the cage to celebrate and the crowd is on fire.

Winner: Mike Brown defeats Urijah Faber via TKO due to strikes at 2:23 of Round 1.
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WEC live results: Filho vs. Sonnen

Up next is the fight that was supposed to be a rematch for the WEC middleweight title, pitting champ Paulo Filho against Chael Sonnen. However, Filho weighed in a full seven pounds over at the weigh-ins, coming in at 192. After two more hours, Filho could only cut to 189, so this fight is now a non-title catch weight fight at 189, and will be three rounds instead of five.

In order for Sonnen to agree to take the fight with Filho so far over the contracted weight, Filho will forfeit 25 percent of his purse to Sonnen, win or lose. Filho says he's going to make Sonnen pay for that fine. How it's Sonnen's fault that Filho missed weight and got fined, I'll never know. But apparently Filho holds it against Sonnen.

Either way, here we go. And as a reminder, after this show, the WEC will no longer have a middleweight or light heavyweight class, so the fact that this was supposed to be for the title was a bit anti-climactic all along.

Round 1: Huge chorus of boos for Paulo Filho. Sonnen throws strikes and Filho shoots for a takedown. Sonnen escapes and decks Filho as he stands. Sonnen gets Filho down and throws strikes from the standing position. Sonnen goes to his knees to get better range on his strikes, then stands again. The crowd is booing and frustrated that the fight isn't being stood up, but with Sonnen keeping busy and Filho defending, it won't be. Sonnen kicks at Filho's legs. Filho rolls into a kneebar attempt and Sonnen slips out. Filho is just laying there kicking out at Sonnen's legs. Sonnen stops on Filho's feet... yes, while he's down. The round ends, and the crowd is really hating on this fight so far. 10-9 Sonnen.

Round 2: Filho whiffs on a spinning back kick. He sticks his chin out daring Sonnen to strike. Filho shoots for a takedown and Sonnen stuffs it, landing in Filho's guard. The referee gets the biggest cheers of the night for standing it up fast. They circle out of range for a bit. Filho tries to jump into guard and Sonnen slams him, then stands up, and the ref immediately calls for Filho to stand. Nothing much happening on the feet. Sonnen with a jab. Filho shoots for a takedown and Sonnen stuffs it. Sonnen stands and Filho rolls to his back, but the ref stands him up instantly. They duke it out to end the round, and I have it 10-9 Sonnen again. 20-18 Sonnen heading into Round 3 of what has turned out to be a very disappointing fight, particularly from Filho.

Round 3: There is no killer instinct in Filho's eyes at all. Sonnen is throwing jabs but landing nothing. Filho is doing even less. Filho fakes a takedown shot and rolls to his back before even reaching Sonnen. The crowd boos again. Sonnen starts kicking Filho's legs. They stand again and it's more of the same. Filho doing little but keep his hands up, and Sonnen landing almost nothing. Filho is not attacking at all. The crowd starts a loud "bulls---" chant. I think it's safe to say this might be Filho's final appearance for a Zuffa promotion. Sonnen finally lands a knee to the face, but Filho's OK. The round ends. 10-8 Sonnen. Someone in the audience behind me is demanding his money back with some pretty harsh words.

Winner: Chael Sonnen defeats Paulo Filho via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after three rounds.

Filho's undefeated streak is over with a hugely disappointing showing here. They escort Filho and Sonnen out of the cage without either commenting on the fight, which is a shame. I'd have loved to hear FIlho's excuse for that performance. Maybe at the postfight presser we'll be able to get something. Stay tuned later on.
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WEC live results: Pulver vs. Garcia

Up next is the 145-pound battle pitting Jens "Lil' Evil" Pulver against Leonard Garcia. This one could be a lot of fun.

Pulver got a tremendous superstar reaction from the audience during introductions.

Round 1: Big surprise -- they come out throwing bombs. Neither guy lands anything to speak of early. Pulver gets inside with a straight shot, and Garcia answers with a nice combination. Garcia stuns Pulver with a right hand and a left hook as Pulver backs up, trying to shake off the cobwebs. Garcia finishes him with more fists and knees as Pulver covers up against the cage, and the referee waves it off.

Winner: Leonard Garcia defeats Jens Pulver via TKO due to strikes at 1:12 of Round 1.

That's a huge win for Garcia, and a nice addition to his record.

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WEC live results: Osterneck vs. Rosholt

We kick off the live broadcast with three-time NCAA Division I wrestling champion Jake Rosholt taking on Nissen Osterneck at middleweight.

Round 1: Osterneck rushes in with a fast combo of fists and Rosholt covers up. Rosholt with a high-angle slam. Osterneck is on his knees and Rosholt takes his back briefly. Rosholt looks to strike down at him and Osterneck tries for the arm. Rosholt shakes it off and they stand. Rosholt with a muay thai clinch but Osterneck gets out with a series of knees and fists that send Rosholt backtracking. Osterneck with a pair of fists. Rosholt answers with one of his own, and another takedown. Rosholt hammers away as Osterneck stays on his knees. Rosholt with knees to the body and head, which causes a brief stoppage by the referee. Osterneck tries another armbar. Rosholt striking down at Osterneck with fists and feet. Rosholt takes side control on the ground. Rosholt goes for full mount and Osterneck rolls to his stomach, giving Rosholt his back and eating a few head shots. Osterneck rolls to his back again before the round ends. 10-9 Rosholt.

Round 2: Osterneck is smiling at Rosholt. He lands a fist and a brief scramble on the ground winds up with Osterneck trying for an armbar and Rosholt escaping to his feet. Rosholt tries to strike down at Osterneck and then goes to the mat, working elbows from half guard. Rosholt takes side control but isn't doing much with it, and the crowd starts to get hostile. Osterneck gets to his feet and starts throwing bomb after bomb, connecting with most of his shots. Rosholt then takes Osterneck down to the canvas, then pounds away for a long time as Osterneck tries to cover up. Referee Troy Waugh finally stops it.

Winner: Jake Rosholt defeats Nissen Osterneck via TKO due to strikes at 3:48 of Round 2.

"Nissen came out, got after me, and kind of kicked my ass for a while," Rosholt said.

Rosholt added that he's got a long way to go and a lot to learn, but he vows to get better.
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WEC live results: McCullough vs. Cerrone

Former WEC lightweight champ "Razor" Rob McCullough is up next vs. Donald Cerrone.

Round 1: Both fighters looking for quick strikes. Cerrone rushes forward and is stunned by a fist to the jaw. He drops to a knee but recovers quickly. They trade leg kicks. McCullough drops Cerrone again, this time with a right hook, but Cerrone gets back to his feet. Cerrone throws a body kick and McCullough answers with a leg kick. Cerrone drops McCullough to the mat with a fist and mounts him on the ground, throwing fists and elbows trying to finish. McCullough is hanging in there but he's in trouble. He rolls to his stomach and manages to sweep Cerrone, and the crowd cheers. McCullough tries to strike but they are separated briefly by the referee. McCullough is bloody. Cerrone works the jab, and McCullough hits the mat on a third jab. Me stands again and Cerrone destroys him with knees and fists, including a straight right that almost looked like it knocked McCullough cold, but he's still in it. McCullough is in serious trouble and somehow survives to the buzzer as the crowd goes bonkers. Crazy, exciting round. 10-9 Cerrone.

Round 2: Both fighters land some shots in an exchange of fists. Cerrone cracks McCullough and again puts him on the canvas. Cerrone takes his back, but McCullough sweeps AGAIN and gets in Cerrone's guard. Cerrone tries a triangle choke and can't clamp it on. Cerrone goes for an armbar but McCullough fights out of it. They're on their feet again, and so is the crowd. Insane. They slow it down a bit and exchange jabs and leg kicks. Cerrone with a body kick and a left cross. McCullough with a teep kick. McCullough with a right hand, and Cerrone whiffs on a head kick. Cerrone with another body kick and a jab. McCullough with a punch to the rib cage. The round ends, and I score it 10-9 Cerrone again. This is an outstanding fight so far, and I hope they have time to air it on TV.

Round 3: McCullough's face is a mess. Inside leg kicks by McCullough. Cerrone shoots in for a takedown. He's fighting for full mount but McCullough is sitting up against the cage, so it's gonna be tough. They stand again. Cerrone kicks the back leg. Cerrone doubles up on body kicks and throws a jab for good measure. Cerrone with a jumping knee to the body. McCullough with a body kick. Cerrone tries to take McCullough down and fails. Cerrone with a nice jab. Cerrone tags him with a left. Cerrone with a combo that lands flush. Cerrone takes McCullough to the mat but can't hold him there. They bang it out for the final 10 seconds with Cerrone hitting a solid uppercut and right hook. Standing ovation from the crowd. 10-9 Cerrone, so I score this fight 30-27 for Cerrone, despite one hell of a gutsy showing by "Razor" Rob.

Winner: Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone defeats "Razor" Rob McCullough via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-27) after three rounds.

You never want to declare a fight of the night before Urijah Faber has stepped into the cage, but that one will be tough to beat.

Back in a few minutes as the main cards bouts begin at 8 p.m. ET.
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WEC live results: Simpson vs. Avellan

Now we have a middleweight fight between Aaron Simpson and David Avellan.

Round 1: Simpson makes Avellan eat a nasty right hook to the jaw. Avellan falls instantly and Simpson ends it with strikes on the ground. Very quick win for Simpson.

Winner: Aaron Simpson defeats David Avellan via KO at 18 seconds of Round 1.

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WEC live results: Brookins vs. Aldo

Next up is a 145 battle between Jonathan Brookins and Jose Aldo. Brookins has a crazy bleached-blonde hairdo that I would describe as a cross between Clay Guida and Josh Koscheck, if you can visualize that.

Round 1: Aldo throws a pair of jabs to set up a nice leg kick. And another. Brookins with a right and Aldo answers with a combo. Aldo kicks the inside leg. Another ridiculously hard leg kick. Brookins' right thigh is bright red already. Brookins takes him down and throws a couple of punches but backs off when Aldo tries upkicks. Aldo gets to his feet. They both land some fists in an exchange. Brookins misses a jab and Aldo answers with a left-right hook combo. Aldo lands a right hand before the buzzer. 10-9 Aldo for the effective striking.

Round 2: Brookins slips and Aldo throws a kick, but he's back up. Aldo with another inside leg kick followed by a right hand. Brookins presses forward with a flurry but really doesn't land anything. Brookins works the jab. Aldo with an inside leg kick that forces Brookins' leg to fly into the air. Impressive. Brookins misses a jab. Aldo lands a leg kick. Aldo whiffs on a body kick. Aldo finishes the round throwing leg kicks and misses on a jumping high kick at the buzzer. 10-9 Aldo again, so I've got it 20-18 Aldo heading into Round 3.

Round 3: Aldo with another series of hard leg kicks. Brookins then eats a straight right hand and falls to the mat, and Aldo finishes him with strikes.

Tito Ortiz enters the cage to help out Brookins.

Winner: Jose Aldo defeats Jonathan Brookins via TKO due to strikes at 45 seconds of Round 3.
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WEC live results: Steinbeiss vs. Marrero

We go to the light heavyweights now with Carmelo Marrero vs. Steve Steinbeiss.

Round 1: Marrero with a kick to the ribs. Steinbeiss answers with a pair of jabs. Steinbeiss with a combination of fists and Marrero decides to take the fight to the ground with a body lock takedown. Steinbeiss fights to his feet. Marrero holds him against the fence with an underhook and heel trips him back to the canvas. Steinbeiss is trying to get up but Marrero is outwrestling him. Steinbeiss gets up and Marrero uses a high-angle takedown to regain control. Steinbeiss goes for a triangle and tries to transition to an armbar but Marrero slips out. Steinbeiss has half guard. Steinbeiss with elbows to the head from the bottom. Marrero lands one fist to the face as the buzzer sounds. Marrero gets the round 10-9 for Octagon control, but Steinbeiss is definitely doing more with strikes and submission attempts, when he gets the opening.

Round 2: Body kick by Marrero and Steinbeiss answers with a pair of fists. Marrero shoots and lands in Steinbeiss' guard again. Marrero looking for strikes but not doing much. Marrero looks for a kimura then briefly takes full mount before Steinbeiss gets back in full guard. Steinbeiss fights to get back to his feet but Marrero is trapping his foot with his own legs. They finally get back to their feet. Steinbeiss throws head and body kicks. Steinbeiss with fists and Marrero falls, looking more gassed than anything. Steinbeiss is on top working the elbows to the head. Marrero is tired and eating fists to the face as the round ends. 10-9 Steinbeiss.

Round 3: Marrero shoots but Steinbeiss slips out of the takedown attempt and throws more kicks and fists. It's bad news when wrestling is your strategy but you're too gassed to use it. Steinbeiss with a grazing fist and Marrero shoots. He can't take him down. Steinbeiss with a leg kick and Marrero shoots. Marrero is clinging to the leg and doing nothing to finish the takedown. Steinbeiss underhooks him and flips him over to work him from on top. Steinbeiss lets him up and then they trade fists and kicks. Marrero with a sick body kick to Steinbeiss' ribs. Marrero with another takedown. Marrero pummels Steinbeiss with elbows from the top. Steinbeiss stands against the cage and eats a knee. Steinbeiss is covered in Marrero's blood now, as Marrero is gushing from the forehead. The round ends, and I'd actually give it to Marrero based on controlling the fight late. So I score the fight 29-28 Marrero, but we'll see what the official word is.

Winner: Carmelo Marrero defeats Steve Steinbeiss via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) after three rounds.
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